When “Chante” found out she was pregnant, she felt like there was no way she could parent a new baby. She’d just gotten a good job, but she had no savings. And she knew her mom would kick her out once she learned about the pregnancy. Exacerbating the situation was Chante’s relationship with the baby’s father; they’d grown cold and distant lately.

Chante immediately began searching for abortion information online. She found a phone number and called it. Seconds later, she was on the line with one of our Contact Center agents, and Chante set up an appointment with our nearby women’s mobile clinic.

When Chante first stepped onto the mobile clinic, our compassionate staff gave her a free, high-quality ultrasound. They couldn’t hear a heartbeat, but the staff told Chante it might be too early in the pregnancy. At first, Chante thought it would be better if she miscarried. But after sharing her fears and receiving biblical counsel from our Care Coordinator, Chante began to experience HOPE—for herself and for her child!

Chante’s greatest fear—that her mother would kick her out—was realized. But even in the midst of this worst-case scenario, Chante found joy in her pregnancy because a beautiful baby was growing inside her. She eventually reunited with the baby’s father, and she continued to receive support from our caring staff. Our clinic helped Chante find new housing, and we also provided her with childbirth and parenting classes, and various material assistance.

A few months later, little baby “Israel” entered the world. However, before Israel was even born, God was working through his life to bring Chante and Human Coalition of Pittsburgh together. Israel is a light in his parents’ life, and the new family is now flourishing.