Recently Meghan (not her real name), a college student in Texas, went online to find an abortion provider. She had just discovered she was pregnant, and a baby did not fit into her college career.

She found herself in a difficult situation: Her boyfriend had initially been comfortable with being a father to the baby. But he had changed his mind and was now pressuring Meghan to abort the child.

Meghan’s family knew about the pregnancy, and they were also supportive of her decision to abort the baby.

Human Coalition answered her online query by suggesting she contact her local pregnancy center before she made a decision. And Meghan did.

Meghan’s choice to seek counsel saved a life.

She made an appointment at our affiliate pregnancy center. They spoke with her, loved on her, and shared the truth about abortion and life with her.

And then they gave Meghan an ultrasound. Ten tiny fingers. Ten tiny toes. And a beating heart.

The truth impacted Meghan in a powerful way. She changed her mind and chose life for her child.

And so another courageous young woman did what mother’s do – she put her child’s life and interests before her own.

Choosing life is not always easy. Pray for Meghan as she continues through her pregnancy and deals with difficult relationship issues. Pray that supportive and caring friends and family will surround her.

We are grateful for the hard work of pregnancy centers across the country. And we are grateful for Meghan who, although the baby she is carrying was not in her plans, is giving her baby the best gift of all…life.

We cannot do our life-saving work without YOU. Please donate today and help us carry out our mission of ending abortion in America.