When “Cynthia” reached out to Human Coalition’s Contact Center, she was scared and anxious. She’d just taken a home pregnancy test, and it was positive. Cynthia didn’t feel ready to have a child. Motivated by fear, she was actively seeking to abort.

That’s when our staff encouraged Cynthia to come into one of our clinics to receive a free lab-grade pregnancy test and ultrasound. She agreed and arrived the next day with her teenage boyfriend of three years, “Jordan.”

The Ultrasound Room

Jordan wanted to support Cynthia no matter what she decided, but he was scared as well. As the nurse led them to the ultrasound room, Cynthia began crying and trembling. She confided to our clinic staff that she feared being disowned by her family should they find out she was pregnant.

As the ultrasound revealed her 8-week-old child, Cynthia continued to focus on getting an abortion.

Cynthia was terribly afraid she would have to bear the burden of childbirth alone. This is why Human Coalition enters the pain and confusion of the mother’s situation – no matter how desperate it may be. We do it to rescue preborn children.

With patience and compassion, the staff helped Cynthia and Jordan understand that they would be there to assist the couple not just during the pregnancy and birth, but for as long as they needed them. Before the teenagers left our clinic that day, the staff prayed with them and asked God to fill them with wisdom and peace, and to protect their child.

Providing For Their Needs

Over the next few days, the staff continued praying for the couple. And soon afterward, Cynthia called to say she was keeping her baby! Throughout the next weeks and months, the staff provided support for the couple by meeting their tangible needs – supplying them with diapers and infant clothing. However, they also provided emotional and spiritual support by praying for them and offering encouragement and free parenting classes.

When baby “Christopher” was born, Cynthia and Jordan thanked our staff and shared that had it not been for their compassionate support, the couple most likely would not have chosen life for their precious baby boy.

Like many of the women Human Coalition meets, Cynthia felt isolated and afraid. She didn’t know what to do. Without the help and support they experienced, Cynthia and her boyfriend could have made a permanent and fatal decision during a temporarily difficult time.