“Donna” was still struggling emotionally with the pain and guilt of a past abortion. Now she found herself pregnant again and felt uncertain about what she should do. While she was excited about having a child, she was also scared that her family would not be accepting or supportive of her decision to parent.

Her family wasn’t supportive

She reached out to Human Coalition’s national Contact Center. The call agent sympathetically listened to Donna and scheduled her for an immediate appointment at one of our women’s care clinics. During her appointment, Donna explained to the nurse that she had been in a relationship with the baby’s father for several years. However, her family wasn’t supportive of their relationship. So she feared that because they didn’t like her boyfriend, they wouldn’t be understanding of her having his child. However, she and the baby’s father both wanted to have their baby.

They wanted their baby

Because the nurse listened and took the time to talk to Donna, Donna felt more confident about discussing her decision with her family and giving them a chance to support her. A week later, Donna came back to the clinic for an ultrasound, and she was smiling from ear to ear! She and the baby’s father had confidently decided to parent their child. He promised to step up and support Donna and provide for their baby.

Christ-centered care

Through our Continuum of Care program, we were able to get Donna the help and support she needed, and now she and her baby, “Robert,” come in to see us monthly for material assistance. She said, “It is hard being a mom, but I am so very glad I took the time to think about it before having another abortion. I can’t imagine life without Robert.”

It’s through your ongoing support that Donna felt loved and supported enough to choose life for Robert. Thank you for giving so generously to our mission of serving families and rescuing children from abortion. On behalf of Donna and Robert, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women in DFW. We truly appreciate you!