“Hailey’s” future certainly seemed bright. As an honor student at a state university, Hailey had her sights set on medical school. With her parents’ support and her professors’ encouragement, Hailey was working diligently toward attaining her goal of one day becoming a doctor — until a positive pregnancy test changed everything.

Afraid of disappointing her parents and worried that her boyfriend would walk away from their relationship if he knew she was pregnant, Hailey turned to the one place where she could find all the answers she needed without fear of judgment or discovery — the Internet.

As she searched online for information about abortion clinics, Hailey discovered Human Coalition instead, which helped connect her with a local life-affirming pregnancy center. When she called the pregnancy center, a knowledgeable and compassionate staff member greeted her warmly over the phone and encouraged Hailey to make an appointment at the pregnancy center. Which Hailey did.

The pregnancy center staff were kind and patient as they equipped Hailey to make a fully informed decision regarding her pregnancy.

When Hailey left the pregnancy center that day, she was definitely leaning toward choosing life for her child. But then she dropped out of touch for several weeks, and the pregnancy center’s staff didn’t know what to think.

After weeks of praying and hoping, the pregnancy center staff finally received an email from Hailey that contained some incredible news…she had chosen life for her baby!

Hailey went on to explain how after she left the life-affirming pregnancy center that day, the words of the staff continued to echo in her mind. So she mustered the courage to tell her parents she was pregnant. Hailey soon discovered that although they were disappointed about this unexpected turn of events, they were still very supportive of her and the baby.

Hailey’s boyfriend also surprised her, as he was supportive, was working hard to save up for the baby, and was always there when she needed someone to talk to.

Although she knows it won’t be easy, Hailey hasn’t given up her dream of becoming a doctor either. Knowing she has her parents’ full support, Hailey continues to make plans to finish school.

Hailey’s story reminds us that oftentimes out of unexpected crisis comes unexpected joy and blessing. Had it not been for that first Internet search, the click to connect her with Human Coalition, and the call to her local life-affirming pregnancy center, Hailey would have blindly traded her unexpected joy for years of guilt and regret.

Looking back on her life-decision process, Hailey is overwhelmed with thankfulness, and as she prepares to embrace her new role as both mother and student, Hailey unabashedly bubbles over with excitement.

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