Something To Live For 

Terrified. Mad. Sad. Happy. 

All the emotions that you could feel, “Giselle” felt them within a moment upon discovering she was pregnant.  

With no place to call home, no job, and lacking any support, the prospect of raising a child seemed impossible in these dire circumstances. Giselle, already a mother of one, understood the demands ahead – resources, time, and energy.  

It wasn’t that she didn’t love being a mom; she just didn’t see how she could be a good enough mom given her circumstances. And not only for one child, but for two. 

Deep down, she knew she needed help. 

It took a lot of courage for Giselle to pick up the phone and call. It was as though a crippling voice of fear gripped her and told her not to reach out for help. Her mind had been made up for so long on having an abortion. But unsure of the future and growing wearier by the day, she eventually dialed the number to Human Coalition, where a nurse on the other end of the line welcomed her concerns, questions, and fears.  

At the conclusion of their conversation, an in-person appointment was scheduled. The staff encouraged Giselle that even though her present circumstances weren’t perfect, she was good enough to parent. Her current circumstances wouldn’t remain the same forever.  
It wasn’t until the sonogram when Giselle decided that she couldn’t abort her baby.

“I got there, and I saw the heartbeat and was like ‘oh my gosh’ – everything changed in a second. I saw my baby growing inside of me and thought, ‘I can’t do this. I got to choose life for you.’” 

Life was inside of her, and she could no longer ignore that truth. Being a mom to this child would be her reality. A social worker with the Continuum of Care program stepped in to help Giselle overcome the hurdles in front of her throughout her pregnancy and beyond.  

“Even after the baby, they still helped me with diapers, they helped me find a job, and even bought me bus passes. They made life so much better.” – Giselle 

When expectant mothers focus on the now, it can seem daunting and overwhelming.  
“When women call our number and are seeking to abort their child, our approach is for them to think in broad terms and not just focus on what they’re feeling in the moment.” – Human Coalition Social Worker 
Making a significant life decision in a brief moment frequently leads to feelings of regret among women who chose abortion. It’s not that they don’t want to parent, they just don’t see how it’s possible given their situation and current challenges.  

We asked Giselle what advice she has for women who are in the same situation she was once in: 

“It might suck in the moment, but having a kid is one of the best things that can happen. You have something to live for other than yourself. It might not feel like it in that moment, but trust me, things get better.”  

Giselle admits to even feeling mentally stronger after the birth of her child: “As long as my kids are okay, then I’m okay.”  
As a mother, she wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I want to thank you for intervening and saving the life of a child! Had you not been there for Giselle, things would look much different for her and her baby. Through the Continuum of Care program, moms are gaining access to resources they need so that choosing life feels more possible.  
And it’s only through your financial gifts, prayers, and advocacy that abortion in America will cease. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to rescue the next child and their mom from abortion. God bless you!