“Heidi” came to our facility in Atlanta because she feared she was pregnant. She was already overwhelmed as the single mother of two children, and welcoming a third child seemed like an impossibility in her current circumstances. When we met with her, Heidi was determined to undergo an abortion.

We provided Heidi with a free ultrasound. The image of Heidi’s tiny preborn child on the ultrasound screen melted her fearful heart. After that experience, Heidi knew she couldn’t abort her child. But there were still many obstacles for her to overcome. We assured Heidi that we would walk beside her throughout her pregnancy—and we did. This relationship gave Heidi the courage to move forward with her pregnancy.

We provided resources for Heidi and helped her find solutions to several of the challenges she faced. When she returned for a second appointment, Heidi confided that she was determined to give life to her baby. Working with women like Heidi reminds us that even the smallest glimmer of hope can be the difference between life and death. We are grateful to be able to walk alongside Heidi and other women like her as they overcome obstacles and embrace LIFE.