Every day at Human Coalition, we help connect dozens of women and men to our life-affirming pregnancy centers, where they receive one-on-one care and personalized attention to deal with their unplanned pregnancies. These are often individuals who feel abortion is their only option. But thanks to HC’s strategic Internet marketing methods, their online search for abortion-related information directs them to one of our approximately 40 participating life-affirming pregnancy centers instead.

Such was the case for “Noreen.” When an online search led her to one of HC’s participating life-affirming pregnancy centers in North Carolina, she had all but given up hope.

“I feel all alone.” 

Like so many women who visit our participating centers, Noreen had no one she could trust to help her. Her boyfriend had walked out on her, and her parents threatened to kick her out of the house if she went through with her pregnancy. During the no-cost sonogram portion of her appointment at First Choice Pregnancy Solutions, Noreen told the registered nurse,“Everything in my head tells me to have an abortion…but everything in my heart tells me not to.”

As the nurse rolled the ultrasound probe over Noreen’s belly, a small image appeared on the screen. Tears began to flow from Noreen’s eyes as she watched with amazement the small life tumbling and kicking inside of her. When the nurse pointed out the heartbeat, Noreen laughed and said,“Now both my head and my heart tell me to keep the baby!”


Noreen left the center that day fully committed to carrying her baby to term. But that’s not where her story ends…

noreen-shower-2For the next several months of her pregnancy, Noreen kept in touch with the center’s staff. They provided her with the support she needed, including parenting and financial planning classes. But the culmination of the center’s high-touch care came about when, in collaboration with a local church, the center gave Noreen the“baby shower of her dreams,” complete with food, presents, and shower games.

The afternoon of her shower was full of joy,wrote one of the center’s staff members, “not only because of all the beautiful baby gifts she received, but because of the people who didn’t even know her that gathered to celebrate the life of her unborn child.”

Screen_Shot_2015-02-02_at_3.26.41_PMThanks to the compassionate grace and care provided by the life-affirming pregnancy center in collaboration with a local church, Noreen was equipped — both materially and emotionally — to welcome her baby into the world.

“The women [at the center] have gone above and beyond what I could have imagined. I know that no matter what, they are there for me,” Noreen says, her eyes brimming with tears.

Every day in cities across the country, women like Noreen are the recipients of overflowing grace and compassion from life-affirming pregnancy centers. They are loved on and served not only during their pregnancy, but also for months and years afterward.


Thanks to you, Human Coalition can implement the online and offline marketing methodology that results in helping frightened women like Noreen make the brave choice to choose Life. Through your ongoing contributions, we set the wheels in motion so that women and men facing crisis pregnancies are supported throughout the pregnancy and for years to follow.