“Jolie” was on the precipice of starting her career. An education major, she had just completed her course study and was making plans to student teach in the spring. She couldn’t wait to graduate and fulfill her dreams of being an educator. But then she took a home pregnancy test, and all her plans changed.

When she saw the pregnancy test result was positive, Jolie started searching online for answers. That’s where she connected with our women’s care clinic. During her first visit with our Care Coordinator, Jolie repeated over and over again that she wanted an abortion. With graduation looming and no money to spare, she believed abortion was the only answer. To top it all off, the baby’s father said he’d support whatever she wanted to do.

At just 6 weeks pregnant, it was too early for her to have an ultrasound. So we encouraged Jolie to come back to the clinic – along with the baby’s father.

A few weeks later, Jolie returned with the baby’s father by her side. Together, they watched as the ultrasound monitor revealed two heartbeats. Stunned by the incredible news that they were having twins, the babies’ father clutched Jolie’s hand and said, “We can do this – abortion is out!” Jolie agreed, and immediately the young couple began discussing what parenting would be like for them.

Jolie would continue her plans to graduate from college. And with the support of the babies’ father and our staff at the Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic, they would welcome two babies into their lives.