This wasn’t the way things were supposed to work out. “June” was 36 years old; she’d already raised two boys; and now she was ready to enjoy some alone time, move ahead in her job, and travel. A new baby was definitely not in her future plans.

When June visited our women’s care clinic, she was confused. Vacillating between anger and sadness, she was convinced abortion was the right choice for her. “I was in crisis with my first two pregnancies, and I raised the boys on my own,” she told our Care Coordinator. June did not want to repeat her previous struggles.

But then an ultrasound revealed the unexpected… twins! After seeing two hearts beating on the screen, June became emotional. Our Care Coordinator reminded June that she wasn’t alone: “You have support; you can do this.” Still feeling unsure about what she should do, June left the clinic but promised to return for another ultrasound. Only the next time, she planned to bring the babies’ father.

Two weeks later, the couple returned. The babies’ father seemed excited, although June was still questioning her decision. But everything changed when the ultrasound revealed two strong heartbeats. Then and there, the couple confirmed they would parent.

The journey has only just begun for June and her babies. A recent cut in her pay has left her struggling to pay for her medical expenses, not to mention the costs of furnishing items for two children.

June has gone against the culture of death in America, by making the courageous decision to choose life for her twins. We invite you to honor her decision through financial and prayerful support. Your immediate gift will go far to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support for women like June, who need to know they’re not alone and we will be with them every step of the way.