Up until this point in “Justi’s” life, everything had been a struggle. She struggled with depression. She struggled as a single mother to provide for her two young children. She struggled to find true love. And just when she thought she’d found an enduring relationship, her boyfriend was killed.

And now… this.

Just a few days after her boyfriend’s death, Justi realized she was pregnant. Initially, she wasn’t sure whether the father of her baby was her late boyfriend or an earlier partner. The pregnancy only compounded Justi’s belief that her life was a disaster. How could she possibly bring another child into the world? Abortion, she believed, was the only option.

While she was searching online for an abortion clinic, Justi came across Human Coalition’s women’s care clinic in Pittsburgh. The services were free, and Justi could really use a break. She met with one of our nurses, who listened to Justi’s fears with genuine concern. Then she offered Justi a no-cost ultrasound. When she heard her baby’s strong heartbeat, Justi knew she couldn’t proceed with the abortion. “I just can’t do it,” she said. “How could I do it?”

Hearing her child’s heartbeat gave Justi the strength and hope she needed to face her very real difficulties with courage and the fortitude she didn’t have before coming to our women’s care clinic. Our staff supported Justi throughout her pregnancy. The clinic provided parenting classes and supplies Justi needed to welcome her new baby. And after the baby was born, she continued to receive material assistance, such as formula, and emotional support from the staff.

Justi’s story reminds us that HOPE changes everything. When we conduct ultrasounds, teach classes, provide for material needs, and offer emotional and spiritual camaraderie to our clients, we affirm their dignity and that of their children. And in turn, they are empowered to face the challenges of parenthood with renewed strength.