“Kara” couldn’t believe she was pregnant again. With four young boys at home, including one who was just 5 months old, she and her boyfriend were shocked by her pregnancy and agreed that abortion was the best option.

As Kara discussed her concerns with a member of our clinic staff, she talked about an abortion she’d had four years earlier, and how it continued to haunt her. While she didn’t like the idea of getting another abortion, she couldn’t see another way.

So we discussed various options, including adoption, but Kara didn’t want to face the questions she would get about giving her own child away.

When asked about her faith in God, Kara confessed that for years she had attended church. Unfortunately, a change in her work schedule prevented her from attending regularly. However, she believed it was important for her boys to go.

We connected Kara with our Continuum of Care Coordinator, Rachel, who was able to help identify some immediate barriers she could help remove. Once these barriers were identified, we began working with Kara to point her in the right direction to collect on outstanding child support. We also asked a donor to help Kara take care of an overdue utility bill. The care and support she received softened Kara’s heart even more to the idea of choosing life.

Now Kara had some breathing room and the emotional space to consider parenting another child. Upon learning her baby was a girl, something she’d always wanted, Kara knew she could not go through with an abortion.

Baby “Lilly” was born in March 2018, and she is the apple of her mother’s eye and a joy to her big brothers.