When “Anita” contacted our Contact Center about her daughter “Kara,” who was pregnant with twins, she expressed both fear and excitement.

Kara had been living with her boyfriend for several months. He wanted to keep the babies; Kara did not. Both were unemployed, and Kara had health issues. According to Anita, her daughter was abortion-determined and had already scheduled an appointment with Planned Parenthood.

However, our women’s care clinic was given the opportunity to meet with Kara first. When Kara, her boyfriend, and Anita arrived for their first appointment, our team showered them with love and compassion. We spent some time discussing the obstacles before the couple – unemployment and financial limitations – and we talked about potential solutions to address these problems. Anita sat nearby and offered her support should Kara choose life for her twins.

During the ultrasound we pointed out the twins’ heartbeats on the monitor; and using a fetal model, we educated Kara and her boyfriend about the gestational development of their preborn babies. Anita teared up as we discussed the lives of her grandchildren, while Kara’s boyfriend peppered us with questions about the babies’ health. Kara remained quiet, still feeling unsure about what she wanted to do.

The date of Kara’s appointment with Planned Parenthood came and went, but Kara hadn’t yet made a decision about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, our caregivers stayed in touch with her, answering questions and offering prayer.

Finally, in early November, Kara, her boyfriend, and Anita came in for another ultrasound, and we were able to confirm the sexes of the babies – two boys. Everyone lit up with excitement, and Kara decided at that moment that she would choose life for her twins.

Throughout her pregnancy, Kara returned to our women’s care clinic to take parenting classes and receive material blessings such as cribs, diapers, car seats, monitors, and many other essential baby items.

In April of last year, Kara delivered her twin boys, and a few weeks later she brought them to our clinic to proudly show them off. “The babies would not be here if not for this place,” Anita and Kara agreed.

Like so many abortion-determined women who visit our clinic and end up choosing life for their children, Kara is now one of our biggest advocates for life. She volunteers her time to help with Human Coalition’s fundraisers, make phone calls for our Run for Life, and organizes our Baby Bottle Campaign.

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