Katie just needed some help and reassurance

She didn’t want to abort her child, or at least she hadn’t made up her mind. Katie was pregnant and she didn’t know if she would be able to take care of another child.

Currently raising three children, the youngest just three months old, Katie was struggling. She did not have a job or reliable transportation which made it even more difficult to care for her children.

Looking For Support

Katie was feeling the full weight of deciding whether to keep or abort her child. She was on the fence about what to do. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have another child, she just didn’t think she had the resources to raise another child.

 Looking for support and reassurance, she nervously picked up the phone and called Human Coalition’s Telecare Women’s Clinic. To her relief, she was immediately connected to a nurse where counseling was able to begin immediately over the phone. Without transportation, this was perfect for Katie.

Feeling hopeless, she said she especially needed prayers. The pressures of her circumstances were adding up, and Katie had a lot of questions. Would she be able to find a job? Would she be able to find help with childcare for her older children? What about reliable transportation for herself and her children? On top of the mounting uncertainty, Katie was actively working on getting her GED. How would she find time to study while taking care of another child?

The nurse listened with compassion and answered all her questions. She connected Katie to the Continuum of Care program and assured her that there were plenty of resources and support available for her.

Comprehensive Care She Needed

The Continuum of Care team immediately began addressing her concerns. After their conversation, Katie was so emotional that she teared up and told the nurse that she was already feeling better about her pregnancy.

In the following weeks and months, Katie was provided the support and resources she desperately needed.

To help Katie find a job, she was offered interview tips. She was connected with tutoring as she worked on her GED. She received assistance finding affordable childcare for her older children.

Through the support that her team provided, there was one thing that surprised her the most.

A gracious donor decided to step in and solve Katie’s need for reliable transportation by donating an SUV.

“I’m going to cry” she said. She was so overwhelmed with joy that tears filled her eyes. Not only did this generous donor supply her with a car, but they also paid for insurance coverage for the first year.

Choosing Life Despite Her Circumstances

The fear and anxiety that came with Katie’s circumstances almost prompted her to have an abortion. However, with her family’s tangible needs met, Katie could make a decision informed by her heart rather than her circumstances. Katie chose life and decided to welcome her newest child into the world.

The Support She Needed – Thanks to YOU!

For many moms who feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, like Katie, this could have ended in abortion. And her story could have been one of loss, regret, and on-going pain. But thanks to YOUR support, that’s not how Katie’s story ended.

Many women like Katie would choose life if they had access to the proper resources necessary to parent. In fact, 75% of the moms who come to Human Coalition seeking an abortion tell us they would prefer to parent if their life circumstances were different.

But thanks to your prayers and support, Katie was able to find solutions for the challenging circumstances she was facing.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to rescuing children and families from abortion through the National Rescue System! Katie’s story is just one example of how you’re reaching moms considering an abortion, rescuing their children, and restoring their families.

If you want to be part of restoring more families, like Katie’s, learn how you can get involved here:  https://www.humancoalition.org/get-involved/