“Kaylie” was actively seeking an abortion, but she ultimately decided to reach out to Human Coalition’s national Contact Center. She was struggling financially, unemployed, and working to regain custody of her three little girls. Because she was fighting for her parental rights, she was afraid that if she revealed she was pregnant, it would hinder her chances of recovering her daughters.

Kaylie Felt Abortion Was the Only Solution

When Kaylie came into the women’s care clinic, she explained to the staff that she’d never believed that abortion was acceptable. However, she’d discussed it with her boyfriend (the baby’s father), and they both felt it was the best solution due to their circumstances. Both were concerned that if she continued the pregnancy, it would negatively affect her custody situation. Furthermore, everyone in Kaylie’s life, including her boyfriend, was in support of her ending the pregnancy.

Regaining Hope and Stability

Our staff gave Kaylie a free pregnancy test and ultrasound, which revealed her baby was 7 weeks along and already had a very strong heartbeat. Kaylie admitted she never imagined she would be faced with a situation or decision as difficult as this one. She shared that she felt totally hopeless. The clinic staff compassionately listened to Kaylie’s concerns and assured her that this baby could be a launchpad for getting back on her feet – a blessing, not a hinderance.

Through our connected Continuum of Care program, Kaylie’s coordinator helped her create a plan for employment, finances, and working toward regaining custody of her children. As Kaylie began thinking of this baby as a sibling to her girls and the gift it would be to them, she chose life and continued her pregnancy. Her baby girl is due in the near future.

Compassionate Care

It’s through Human Coalition’s ongoing support that Kaylie felt loved enough to choose life for her baby girl. On behalf of Kaylie, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women and their families. We truly appreciate you!