“Keesha” came from a big family and always imagined that she’d have many children. But after two miscarriages and a breakup with her long-term boyfriend, she was beginning to believe she wouldn’t have the opportunity to be a mom.

When a pregnancy test revealed a third pregnancy, Keesha was overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. Yes, she still wanted a baby; but with no job or boyfriend, she didn’t think it was the right time for her to parent. So she considered abortion, but she decided to visit our women’s care clinic first.

With her sister by her side, Keesha met with our Care Coordinator and revealed the pain she still carried from her previous miscarriages. She also confessed that she’d love to be a parent, but not right now. She was trying to launch a singing career; but without the baby’s father supporting her, she didn’t feel she could parent well.

Our Care Coordinator helped paint a different picture for Keesha, one where she could pursue her dreams and be a mom.

Still feeling unsure, Keesha agreed to watch a video about abortion. Halfway through, she became horrified and turned off the video. It was then that Keesha realized she could not follow through with an abortion.

Four months later, Baby “Nia” was born, and Keesha has never regretted her decision. With the support of our staff, Keesha realized she could be a mom and also pursue a singing career. Today, Keesha is singing and writing songs, while enjoying the blessing of her little girl.