Buried in hopelessness and lost in fear, “Kimberly” visited a Human Coalition women’s care clinic seeking help for her unexpected pregnancy. Although she had a steady job, her income was paltry and she struggled financially. With several children at home, she believed abortion was her best option.

The clinic staff welcomed Kimberly with love and compassion. They didn’t pressure her in any way, but compassionately educated her so that she could make a fully informed decision about her pregnancy.

“Everyone was telling me, ‘You’d better have an abortion.’ But the people at the clinic didn’t. They encouraged me to trust God and trust that He would take care of and provide for me,” Kimberly recalls.

Knowing she did not walk this journey alone, Kimberly found the courage to choose life.

The Human Coalition staff stood by Kimberly throughout her pregnancy, providing everything she needed to be a great mom – including safe, affordable housing. Today, she is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.

Following the baby’s birth, the clinic continued to lavish love on Kimberly through meals, gift cards, medical care, and a wonderful Christmas celebration complete with gifts!

Although this life decision happened at Human Coalition’s women’s care clinic in Raleigh, similar stories happen routinely here in Charlotte… thanks to your prayerful and financial support. Through your steadfast generosity, we are reaching women just like Kimberly – women with little support and no hope. With the compassion of Christ, we minister to them and give them the resources they need to choose life and rebuild their lives.

Thank you for partnering with us as we reach hurting women like Kimberly and provide them with the life-affirming care they deserve.