Some studies find that as many as 64% of women facing an unexpected pregnancy experience pressure to get an abortion. That pressure most often comes from the woman’s spouse or partner, but also from parents, friends, or employers.

For “Kinsey,” it was her boyfriend who wanted the abortion. Having already visited a local abortion clinic, the young couple had been told their baby was past the gestational age for procuring a legal abortion. Kinsey’s boyfriend wanted a second opinion, so he made an appointment at our women’s care clinic.

Before providing the free ultrasound, our Care Coordinator met one-on-one with Kinsey. Scared and angry, Kinsey said very little except that her boyfriend provided for her financially; and if she kept the baby, he’d kick her out of the house. She felt trapped into ending the life of her child.

Human Coalition - Saved BabyAn ultrasound confirmed what the couple already knew to be true: Kinsey was much too far along in her pregnancy to get an abortion. Kinsey grew agitated, not sure what to do… she believed she had to get an abortion or she’d be living on the street. She begged us to share the risks of a late-term abortion with her boyfriend, in the hope that we might change his mind.

Unfortunately, he was unmoved by the truth, and the couple left our clinic determined to pursue a late-term abortion in another state.

However, our team never gave up on Kinsey. Beneath her fear and anxiety, we could tell she desired to have the baby. A follow-up call made by one of our staff members to Kinsey revealed that after a bout of health problems, which had landed her in the hospital, Kinsey’s boyfriend eventually abandoned her. She was now free to choose life for her child.

We immediately plugged Kinsey into our Continuum of Care program, connecting her with local churches that would provide meals, baby supplies, and all the essentials she’d need to parent her baby. Less than two months later, Kinsey welcomed baby “Samuel” into the world.

Kinsey and Samuel need continued support to give them the resources they need.

As Kinsey’s story demonstrates, when the Human Coalition team rallies together to remove obstacles and support abortion-determined women both emotionally and practically, LIFE wins.

So far this year, you’ve made it possible for us to rescue 196 babies. Thank you!