“Leona” wasn’t sure what to do when the pregnancy test came back positive. Feeling afraid, panicked, and hopeless, she began calling around to get information about abortion. One of her calls was to Human Coalition’s Contact Center. As a member of our staff listened, Leona explained her fears and situation.

She was supposed to start back to work soon. So, Leona feared that a pregnancy and third child would derail her plans. She didn’t know how she’d be able to care for her other two children if she couldn’t work. Complicating matters, the baby’s father was no longer a part of her life, and she was concerned about having to reconnect with him.

The call agent immediately scheduled an appointment for Leona at our women’s care clinic that very day. When Leona got to the clinic, the staff performed an ultrasound, which confirmed her pregnancy. They also offered to perform a second ultrasound in a few weeks, when she was further along. Still in disbelief and shock, Leona walked out of her appointment.

For weeks afterward, the clinic staff reached out to Leona, encouraging her and reminding her of the support and help available to her and her children – no matter what.

Leona finally responded to say she’d started receiving prenatal care. And months later, she came to the clinic to introduce the staff to her baby girl, “Lilith.”

It’s through your ongoing support that Leona felt supported and loved enough to choose life for her child. Thank you for giving so generously to our mission of serving families and rescuing children from abortion. On behalf of Leona and Lilith, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women. We truly appreciate you!