For the past three years, “Alexandra” had been using what she believed was a reliable form of birth control. So when the early symptoms of pregnancy set in, she panicked. Convinced that her sister, with whom she was living, would kick her out, Alexandra began exploring her options to terminate the pregnancy.

By the time she visited our clinic, Alexandra was firmly abortion-determined. The baby’s father was ambivalent about the pregnancy; and without the support of her sister or the rest of her family, Alexandra didn’t believe she could handle the responsibilities of parenting.

After meeting with a member of our clinic staff and receiving life-affirming care, Alexandra accepted a free ultrasound. While seeing her baby for the first time on the monitor, she became emotional and thought, “Maybe… with the clinic’s support… I could parent.”

Alexandra then met with our Continuum of Care Coordinator. And together, the two developed a plan to help Alexandra gain independence as she prepared to welcome her son. As the due date drew near, Alexandra felt empowered to parent and ready to embrace this new season of her life. When asked what convinced her to parent, Alexandra points to the loving staff at the women’s care clinic and all the support she received from the Continuum of Care program.