The women who visit our women’s care clinic often lack the support of their family and friends – the one thing that can make all the difference between life and death for their preborn child.

“Lindsay’s” story illustrates the positive, lifesaving influence a family can have on a woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

Our relationship with Lindsay began when her cousin called our women’s care clinic seeking support for Lindsay. At just 19 years old, Lindsay was pregnant. And tragically, it was the result of an unreported rape. Lindsay’s life had already been a hard road. She’d been the victim of another sexual assault earlier in her life. And even though she’d received counseling after that traumatic event, Lindsay still carried the scars.

Yet in the middle of her darkness were some shining stars: her cousin, her mother, and her grandmother, all strongly pro-life and all supportive of Lindsay choosing life. Then there was the church Lindsay attended. It was a vibrant, pro-life church that preached the gospel from the pulpit. All of these parties played a key role in helping Lindsay make a decision that would benefit both her and her baby.

Our women’s care clinic arranged for counseling for Lindsay and connected her with an attorney to fully explain the adoption process. Having been adopted herself, Lindsay was open to that option.

With so many people in her corner, Lindsay could see she wasn’t walking this road alone. God had truly surrounded her with the beautiful body of Christ.

Nevertheless, her life decision came down to what it usually does: a young, scared girl in the darkened ultrasound room, viewing the monitor with both crushing fear and nervous anticipation. When that beautiful image on the screen came into sharp focus and revealed her 10-week-old baby, Lindsay’s thoughts also came into focus. The beat of an innocent heart; 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes; the promise of new life, new hope, new love, new birth. At that moment, Lindsay made her decision. She would parent her child.

Two months later, gently rounded in the middle and positively glowing, Lindsay returned to our women’s care clinic to get another ultrasound. And her mother stood proudly by her side. This time, three generations of Lindsay’s growing family were in the ultrasound room together – all celebrating the joy of choosing life.