“Samantha” came to our Pittsburgh Women’s Mobile Clinic after searching online for information about abortion and calling our Contact Center. New to the city, she had few friends and little support from the father of her baby. Samantha felt alone and scared.

Sensing her anxiety, our volunteers and members of our staff gently talked to Samantha about all of her life-affirming options. When it became evident that both her living situation and her finances were preventing her from choosing life for her baby, our team introduced Samantha to Becky, our Continuum of Care Coordinator. Together, Becky and Samantha developed a plan that would help rebuild Samantha’s life and get her housing that was more suitable for parenting.

After meeting with Becky and the rest of our team, Samantha began to believe she could parent after all.

In the hope that she might find a support system in her hometown, Samantha left Pittsburgh to go live with her family. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that she needed to move back to Pittsburgh, where she could take full advantage of the support system our clinic was establishing for her.

Upon her return, Samantha attended our free parenting classes while continuing to build relationships with our team members.

By the time her baby girl was born, Samantha had found through our women’s care clinic a new family and the built-in support she’d need to parent successfully.

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