Statistics show that fewer than 1% of women seeking an abortion became pregnant due to rape or incest. Nevertheless, Human Coalition’s compassionate staff and volunteers are trained and prepared to offer life-affirming care to victims of abuse or rape. Our mission is to walk with them after their trauma and provide compassionate Christ-centered care.

For “Satai,” life could not have been bleaker when she became the victim of a violent crime. Jobless and without a permanent home, she was already struggling to improve her living conditions. A sexual assault only catapulted her further into a downward spiral of shame and despair.

When Satai first visited our women’s care clinic, she talked only of abortion. However, with compassion and love, our Care Coordinator helped Satai see her other options. By giving her a free ultrasound, we introduced Satai to her baby. The wiggling legs and arms, and the steady heartbeat of her child captured Satai’s attention. She left that appointment feeling conflicted about what to do.

Over the course of the following weeks, our staff continued to follow up with Satai, encouraging her and pointing her to Christ’s love. She finally responded and announced that she would have the baby after all!

With her pregnancy as a motivator, Satai is actively working to improve her circumstances. She’s secured a more permanent housing situation for her and her baby, and she is getting the medial care she needs for a safe delivery.

Thank you for keeping Satai and her baby in your prayers as she rebuilds her life.