Many women who get an abortion feel pressured into it. Such was the case for “Violet” who visited our women’s care clinic accompanied by the baby’s father. Seven weeks along in her pregnancy, Violet did not want to abort. But with two children at home and the possibility of buying a new house on the horizon, the baby’s father felt differently. “This pregnancy would be a good thing if the baby were wanted,” he told one of our staff.

During her appointment, Violet was able to see her baby via ultrasound. This confirmed in her mind that she didn’t want to go through with an abortion. Her Care Coordinator encouraged her to stay strong and to stand up for what SHE wanted. This wasn’t easy. The baby’s father had promised Violet a new vehicle if she agreed to abort. He also held the opportunity to own a house over her head.

But Violet was encouraged by our staff who kept in constant contact with her throughout the pregnancy. Violet kept telling herself the father would be happy once the baby arrived.

And that’s exactly what happened!

“Vincent” was born in early 2018. Like Violet expected, the baby’s father is now proud and thrilled with his new son, and the entire family has adjusted well. We will continue to minister to this family and provide them with all the resources and life-affirming care they need to parent with excellence. Thank you for prayerfully and financially undergirding Violet’s family as they embrace the new life God has given them.