When “Mandy” found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t imagine starting all over again with another child. 

She already had one child getting ready to start college and another in middle school. How can I completely start over with a newborn? Mandy thought to herself. Even worse, the company she worked for was struggling and about to lay off employees. Mandy’s mind was spinning. 

She thought about telling her fiancé about the pregnancy but decided she couldn’t tell him… at least not yet. She knew he wouldn’t want her to get an abortion, even though she saw no path forward to parent the child. 

The challenges were growing in her life. But ultimately, Mandy was afraid. 

Afraid of having to start over. Afraid that her fiancé would find out and try to change her mind. Afraid of the thought of not being able to provide for another child. Afraid of the emotional scarring regardless of the decision she made.   

Overwhelmed with fear and feeling like she had no other choice, she searched for an abortion appointment online. As she was searching, she found the number to a Human Coalition Women’s Care Clinic. When she called, she was met with a compassionate call agent who calmly listened to her story and scheduled her for an appointment at the clinic.  

The Encouragement and Support Mandy Needed 

When Mandy walked into the clinic, she was set on having an abortion. But over the course of the appointment, she talked to the nurse and sonographer about her situation. She told them that she didn’t think she could go back to having a baby in the house, regardless of how her fiancé felt. That part of her life was behind her – especially with her job at risk. 

The nurse patiently listened to her story, and encouraged her that it was important to talk to her fiancé. They also shared with her all the resources that were available to her and her family through the Continuum of Care program – including material assistance, financial assistance, and even employment resources. 

Before leaving, she decided that she was going to tell her fiancé everything. Deep down, she knew she had to tell him. Mandy also agreed to schedule a follow-up appointment for another ultrasound a few weeks later.  

Over the coming days, the nurse continued to check in with her. And by the time Mandy returned to the clinic for her second appointment, she was excited to tell the nurse that she and her fiancé had decided to choose life! 

Despite the challenges they were facing, they were confident that with help and support , they could overcome the obstacles in their lives.  

Mandy began to work with a social worker through the Continuum of Care program. Throughout her pregnancy, the team stayed in touch with her and provided Mandy and her family with the support and assistance they needed. Since she no longer had the necessary baby supplies from her other grown children, a local women’s Bible study group  threw her a virtual baby shower. Through their generosity, she received everything she needed before her baby arrived.  

Months later, she and her fiancé were thrilled to meet their baby boy, “Adam.” And they are so blessed to have him in their lives.  

Your Support Makes Stories Like Mandy’s Possible 

Mandy’s story is just one example of the lifesaving and life-changing impact your support has on women facing unexpected pregnancies.  

By supporting Human Coalition, you reach women like Mandy who believe abortion is the only option. You show them the love, hope, and peace of Christ.  

Moreover, through your support of the Continuum of Care program, entire families are empowered with the long-term care and support they need to overcome their challenges.  

And most importantly, they are shown that they do have options other than abortion… and they do have what it takes to choose life for their children.  

Thank you so much for all you do to reach moms like Mandy, and help rescue children like her precious son, Adam! 

To read more stories of the moms you reach and the children you rescue, visit https://humancoalition.org/get-involved/stories/life-decisions/