Stacy was enjoying a more carefree stage of life when she learned she was pregnant. With three teenage boys, she couldn’t imagine going back to midnight feedings and changing diapers.

Although Stacy and Mark had been together just a few months when they discovered Stacy was expecting, Mark promised to be there for the long term. “I knew she had the right to do what she wanted, but I wanted to do what was best for all of us.”

Mark pleaded with Stacy to push pause before pursuing an abortion. Stacy tells us, “He kept saying to me, ‘If you have any respect and love for me, you will at least talk to someone about our options.’” When Stacy agreed, Mark made an appointment with one of our women’s care clinics.

Their experience at Human Coalition’s Women’s Care Clinic in Grapevine changed everything for Mark and Stacy. After confirming she was just five weeks along in her pregnancy, our clinic staff reassured Stacy that they would support her every step of the way. “She really slowed things down for me,” Stacy says of her Care Coordinator, Shiela.

Mark continued to support Stacy and helped her envision parenting their child. Because of his involvement, it became clear to Stacy that Mark would be a good, involved dad. He kept reminding her, “We’re in this together.”

When we provided the couple with a free ultrasound, “things just clicked,” according to Stacy. As soon as the beating heart appeared on the monitor, Mark bowed his head and took three deep breaths. “It was difficult… constantly on my mind. But I just wanted Stacy to know I was here for her,” Mark says about that time of indecision.

Having the support of Mark and everyone at the clinic finally convinced Stacy that she could parent again. Before they left that day, we shared about all of the available support to help them thrive as parents. It was like a weight had been lifted from Stacy’s shoulders, as she and Mark held hands, laughed, and talked about parenting.

Today, Stacy and Mark are the proud parents of Baby Joel who has captured the hearts of his three big brothers. When asked about her visit to Human Coalition’s women’s care clinic, Stacy says, “It was a life-changing decision that you and your staff guided us through! Mark and I are overjoyed!!” Meanwhile, Mark glories in his new role as dad to Baby Joel, and the couple could not be happier.