“Meera” called our women’s care clinic after a positive home pregnancy test result. Abortion-determined, she agreed to come in for a free ultrasound to determine the baby’s viability before spending money on an abortion. It was during this procedure that Meera learned she was expecting twins!

Although she was struggling financially and her boyfriend situation was unstable, Meera decided she would parent her babies. As our team introduced her to the myriad of local resources available to her, Meera grew excited about having twins.

A few weeks later, Meera called our clinic from the ER. She was crushed because one of the twins’ heartbeats couldn’t be detected. Over the next several days, we kept in constant contact with Meera. We grieved with her over the loss of her child, while remaining supportive and positive about the baby who was still alive.

As the pregnancy progressed, Meera was connected with a local church that loved on her and provided everything she would need to welcome the baby. Finally, after seven months, Meera welcomed “Marietta” into the world. Even after the pain of losing one child, Meera couldn’t be more thrilled with the little life God entrusted to her.