A Glimmer of Hope

“Missy” wasn’t sure what she should do after the pregnancy test came back positive. Everyone around her was quick to give their opinion on what she should do, but none of them seemed to take into account what she really wanted.

After making several calls to get information on abortion, Missy reached our Contact Center. The call agent listened as Missy talked about her situation and the fears welling up inside of her. It was clear Missy needed someone to help her sort out all of her feelings. So the agent helped her make an appointment at our women’s care clinic in Pittsburgh.

When she arrived for her appointment, Missy’s head was swirling with all of the unwanted advice she’d received so far. Our counselor helped Missy unwind from her anxiety, and then she asked Missy the one question no one else had: “What do you want?”

Missy admitted she didn’t want to get an abortion, but she was terrified of raising a child on her own. The counselor comforted Missy and assured her she would not be alone. On the contrary, our team would walk alongside her, providing material goods, preparing her with parenting and birthing classes, and connecting her with local support services. Missy left the clinic that day holding on to a glimmer of hope.

When she returned to the clinic a few days later for her first ultrasound, a twinkle of excitement shone in Missy’s eyes. Upon seeing her baby on the monitor for the first time – its tiny heart beating strong, and its arms and legs wiggling – Missy made up her mind: She would keep her child.

Afterward, things did not go as planned. The baby came much sooner than Missy expected, and she found herself scrambling to get everything together. Our team jumped into action and gathered many of the things Missy would need to welcome her brand-new child home.

It’s through your ongoing support that Missy felt supported and loved enough to choose life for her child. Thank you for giving so generously to our mission of serving families and rescuing children from abortion.