“Nala” called the Human Coalition Contact Center and made an appointment at our women’s care clinic.  Recently kicked out of her mother’s home and living in a hotel she felt there was no way she could care for a second child, she felt determined to abort.

During her appointment Nala shared through tears that her heart was still broken over a child she had lost seven years ago after open heart surgery.  Her caregiver listened intently as the details of her family’s addictions and illnesses came out, as well as Nala’s fears of losing her warehouse job if she considered moving forward with the pregnancy.

A follow-up ultrasound showed that the baby was nine-weeks gestation. Nala was engaged and open as she tracked with the prenatal development and heartbeat. She showed our sonographer the last picture taken of the child she lost and her joy in raising her 18 month old even through challenging circumstances. Nala left us that day feeling torn and very uncertain of her future.

For weeks our staff prayed for Nala, sending her words of encouragement and reminding her that she was not alone in her pregnancy with no word back.

Imagine our surprise this summer when in June Nala entered walked through our doors again, only this time accompanied by her beautiful baby! Though the early days of her pregnancy were difficult, Nala is so grateful to us “for helping her choose life.”