Every couple who enters our clinic brings a unique story all their own. They have their own dreams, struggles, and fears. They come from different backgrounds, religions, and communities. But one common theme runs through them all: when the father advocates for the life of his child, the mother almost always chooses life.

Just recently a young couple visited our women’s care clinic. The father of the baby said very little about his girlfriend’s pregnancy, except that he’d be fine with whatever she decided. This is a typical response among many fathers. Thankfully, our clinic has tools in place to guide these men along a decision-making continuum, helping them to really think about what they want and how aborting their child will impact them in the long run. As we talked with this father, he came to realize that he wanted his child.

After the ultrasound we talked further with the couple, and the baby’s father finally spoke up: “I want the baby.” His girlfriend, who until now had shown little emotion, broke down in tears. It was as if she’d been hoping – even praying – that her boyfriend would rise to the occasion and advocate for their child.

They left the clinic that day as different people than when they’d arrived. He was now empowered to defend the life of his child, and she was softened by his notable concern.

Please keep this couple in your prayers as they decide their future together. And pray that more men will begin to speak up on behalf of their preborn children.