When we first met Wylie, he was living in a motel room with his wife and son, walking an hour to and from his temporary job, and trying desperately to overcome the felony charge that seemed to dog him wherever he went. If he hadn’t met Christ while serving out his short prison sentence, Wylie would have given up hope. When we asked what got him through those hard times, he told us, “I believed that God had good things in store for us. I just had to keep believing and pushing through.”

Wylie and his wife, Kelly, never expected those good things would come in the form of a baby. But to their surprise, the pregnancy test was positive. Wylie remembers his wife’s reaction: “When [Kelly] first learned she was pregnant, she panicked. How were we gonna afford another child, and where were we gonna live?”

He, on the other hand, was excited about the pregnancy. “I knew God wasn’t gonna give us more than we could handle, and I told her not to worry. I would take care of the bills, and God would provide.”

Not as confident as her husband, Kelly started searching for an abortion clinic in her community. She ultimately chose to come into our clinic instead.

Our Human Coalition – Raleigh staff recalls the day when this family first visited our clinic. It was clear the parents weren’t on the same page. Kelly was full of fear and uncertainty, while Wylie expressed joy and excitement about the baby. He kept reassuring his wife that regardless of their circumstances, “they were gonna make it.”

If the father remains silent or shows indifference, mothers are less likely to choose life for their babies. Click To Tweet

Reflecting on our time with Wylie and Kelly, we’re reminded of the influential role a baby’s father plays in a woman’s life decision. If the father remains silent or shows indifference, mothers are less likely to choose life for their babies. However, if fathers speak up and fight for their child, like Wylie did, then more times than not, mothers choose life.

It was a joy linking arms with this sweet family, as we helped them prepare for their baby. Over the course of their pregnancy, our clinic, in partnership with a local church, threw two baby showers for Wylie and Kelly. By the time their baby arrived, they had most of the items they needed.

And then when a few of our donors learned that Wylie was walking four miles to and from his job every day, they got together and purchased a new car for him. They even paid for six months of insurance!

Just before Christmas, Wylie, Kelly, and their 10-year-old son attended our clinic’s Holiday Connections, where volunteers lavished them and several other families with gifts, food, and toys for their children. “I didn’t think we’d have a Christmas this year, with the baby coming and all,” Wylie says, his voice cracking a little. “But I prayed; and the next thing I knew, we had all these things given to us. I was like, ‘He’s really making it happen for us.’”

When asked what he would say to a dad who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, Wylie responds, “If you quit now, you won’t know what it’s like on the other side. Of course I had doubt; but I have Christ, so I didn’t rely on my own understanding. I trusted Jesus Christ my Savior. Take a chance on God, and you won’t live with the questions of whether ‘I should have or could have.’”

Wylie and Kelly’s story is a testimony to the love of Christ, the quality of care provided by Human Coalition – Raleigh, and the generosity of our donors. However, they are not out of the woods, yet. They continue to live in a motel room with their son and baby. “We are praying God will touch the heart of a benevolent landlord who will give us a chance.”

Will you pray with us as we wait on God to move this sweet family into a private rental? Will you share their need with others so an affordable rental can be found for them?

We believe God has great things in store for Wylie, Kelly, and their children; and we invite you to be a part of their testimony.