“Regan” visited our women’s care clinic after a positive home pregnancy test result. With several children at home and a contentious relationship with her boyfriend, she didn’t think she could welcome another child at this time. While meeting one-on-one with a compassionate staff nurse at our clinic, Regan explained that she was already struggling with her small children, and she believed another child would just add to the chaos at home.

During her appointment, Regan met her baby via an ultrasound. At the sight of the baby’s beating heart, Regan smiled. Yet she couldn’t see past the many obstacles before her. After Regan shared her fears, our team crafted a personalized care plan that would equip her to be a great parent. From financial and medical assistance, to budgeting and parenting classes, the myriad of resources available to Regan helped her realize she could thrive as a mom – even with another child.

After months of receiving our support and care, Regan made a surprise visit to our clinic and introduced our staff to her precious baby boy, “Aaron.”

Thank you for partnering with us in providing Regan the help she needed to say yes to life.