“Sabrina’s” life hadn’t been easy. For 11 years she’d been a single mom to her daughter, always struggling to make ends meet. More recently, she’d been dating a man whom she hoped would one day be a husband to her and a father to her daughter. But those dreams fell apart when he became abusive and struggled with continual drug use.

She Feared Being Homeless

Sabrina was afraid that she and her daughter would be homeless after she left the relationship, but a family member graciously opened up their home. Shortly after moving in with her relative, Sabrina discovered she was pregnant.

She once again felt scared and anxious. She couldn’t believe she was pregnant, and she didn’t see any possible way she could manage a baby in her current situation.

She Began Actively Seeking to Abort

Motivated by fear, Sabrina began actively seeking to abort. She began making calls, but she ultimately decided to reach out to Human Coalition’s National Contact Center. She told the call agent that she felt she had no options. The agent compassionately listened to Sabrina’s concerns and scheduled a free ultrasound and pregnancy test for her at one of our women’s care clinics.

When Sabrina arrived at the clinic, she shared with the staff that she couldn’t believe how quickly her life had been turned upside down. However, as she saw her 15-week-old baby moving and stretching on the ultrasound monitor, she said to her counselor, “There is no way I am having an abortion.”

Compassionate Care and Support

Through our Continuum of Care program, Sabrina received help and support to begin saving for an apartment. She participated in the Adopt-a-Family event and was showered with love, support, and friendship during a Christmas event. Through relationships we helped her develop at a local church, the security deposit for Sabrina’s new apartment was paid, and she and her daughter received Bibles. Not only that, but another church group stepped in and completely furnished her apartment.

Sabrina’s Words

Every day through phone calls and in our women’s care clinics, women like Sabrina receive help and encouragement that gives them the strength to choose life. Sabrina says,

“If I had not gone to the women’s clinic, I don’t know what would have happened to me and my baby. Thank God I received so much help. And the most important thing is I know I am not alone. These ladies [at the clinic] are equipped to help us so that we do not make the big mistake of not giving our babies the chance to live. I hope my testimony will be useful for many people. Because after [feeling] that I [would be] alone and on the street, thanks to them, my desire to be someone in life and get ahead has returned. … I am very grateful for everything they have done for me and my family.”

Sabrina’s baby boy is due soon.

Thanks to You

Thanks to supporters like you, young mothers like Sabrina are choosing life and getting the help they need. Because of you, women in crisis are finding long-term, sustainable support.

We are so grateful for your continued financial and prayerful support, as we minister to women, families, and children.