“Samantha” first came to our Mobile in April 2016. She found the WCC searching for clinics online and her search led her to our contact center. She was new to the Pittsburgh area and did not have any friends or family that lived locally. She was scared and overwhelmed at the thought of being pregnant, and she was looking for abortion services. “Samantha” was living in a shared housing complex, which was not suitable to raise a child, and the involvement of the father of her child remained uncertain.

When she arrived on the Mobile she was met with compassion from our medical team. She expressed her concerns over financial needs, housing, medical insurance, and emotional support. Stacy and Anna educated her on all of her option, showed her her baby on the ultrasound and also discussed how we could help her if she decided to choose life for her baby. There was hope!! Soon after her first visit to the mobile, “Samantha” connected with Becky, the Continuum of Care Coordinator, to discuss the assistance that she was looking for. A care plan was created to address the challenges “Samantha” was concerned about and this plan would help her make the best decision for her. After meeting with our team, “Samantha” knew she could do this and chose life for her baby.

“Samantha” had left Pittsburgh to be in her hometown with family in hopes they would be supportive. After several weeks of being home it was her hearts desire to return to the Pittsburgh area and focus on securing her resources before bringing baby girl into the world. Upon returning to Pittsburgh she was able to secure a job and housing through the Continuum of Care Program. “Samantha”” continued to build relationships at the WCC and even took advantage of the free Parenting and Childbirth classes that were offered. She then eagerly awaited the arrival of her baby girl.

“Samantha” was very grateful for the support from the staff at the Women’s Care Clinic and was happy to welcome a healthy and happy 6lb 15 oz baby girl into the world November 2016.