“Shelley” knew her little boy, “Sam,” would love to be a big brother. But the fear of disclosing an unplanned pregnancy to her family felt overwhelming. Shelley didn’t know how she was going to tell them she was divorced, much less pregnant. Her family’s strong cultural values weighed heavily on her.

Adding to her struggle and stress was the idea of parenting two young children alone. Overwhelmed and confused, Shelley began searching online for information on abortion. Thankfully, she chose to reach out to Human Coalition.

As Shelley spoke with one of our care coordinators on the phone, she explained that she feared being disowned by her family should they find out she was pregnant.

Tears Welled up in Her Eyes

The care coordinator listened to Shelley’s concerns, encouraging her and scheduling her for a free ultrasound at one of our clinics. During her ultrasound appointment, Shelley was able to see her little baby moving and wiggling around. She was even able to hear the whooshing of her child’s heartbeat.

As she saw her baby on the ultrasound monitor, tears welled up in her eyes and she began to cry. Compassionately, Shelley’s coordinator asked her what her head was telling her, and Shelley replied through happy tears:

“I love everything about being a mother. I’ve changed my mind. I can’t have an abortion.”

Changed Hearts

Shelley had fears of telling her family about the recent changes in her life. However, when she finally gathered the courage to speak with them, she was overjoyed with the support they provided.

When she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, “Stacey,” everyone rallied around them—filled with love for their precious new family member.

Christ-Centered Care

Like many of the women Human Coalition meets, Shelley felt ashamed and afraid. She didn’t know what to do. Without the help and support she experienced, she could have made a permanent and fatal decision during a temporarily difficult time.

Every day through phone calls, in our women’s care clinics, and in our virtual clinic, our staff offers words of restoration and encouragement into the lives of hurting and scared women. We then create pathways to make choosing life possible—so that even in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy, women like Shelley know there is hope and help available to them.

Shelley received that help and support through Human Coalition’s Continuum of Care program. Thanks to the support of partners like you, young mothers like her are choosing life and getting the care they need.

Because of your prayers and support, women in crisis are finding long-term, sustainable support.

We are so grateful for your continued partnership in ministering to women, families, and children.

You can give the gift of life and rescue more children like Stacey today!