“Taylor” was living with her sister, and didn’t have a job or a car when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. When the baby’s father found out about the pregnancy, he left her. Taylor was scared and didn’t know what to do, so she was actively seeking to abort.

However, she ultimately decided to get in touch with Human Coalition’s Contact Center, and the person she spoke with scheduled an appointment for her at one of our women’s care clinics.

Taylor was afraid to choose life

At first, Taylor was reluctant to keep her baby. She was afraid to raise her baby without a job and a home and a relationship with the baby’s father. Taylor was also very concerned about what her grandmother would think if she carried her baby to term, because her grandmother was in favor of her getting an abortion.
However, when Taylor came into the clinic for her ultrasound, her grandmother came with her. Together, they heard the baby’s heartbeat and saw the baby on the ultrasound monitor. Taylor knew then that she had to do whatever was necessary to give her child life.

Doubts and fear

Still, fear and doubts plagued Taylor. She worried about having to provide for two children. And she admitted it was hard to think beyond her current circumstances. However, during one of her follow-up visits with the clinic staff, she shared that she’d chosen life for her baby girl, “Harlow.”

Throughout the months that followed, Taylor connected with our Care Coordinator, and the two of them began working on Taylor’s resume and putting together resources to help Taylor succeed as a parent and the sole provider for her family.

Today, Taylor continues to stay in touch with us. She grateful that she came into the clinic and that our staff took the time to care for her needs.

A mission to serve

Every day through phone calls, in our women’s care clinics, and through our virtual clinic, our staff weaves words of restoration and encouragement into the souls of hurting and scared women. We help create pathways that empower women to carry their babies to term – so that even in the midst of their difficult circumstances, women like Taylor know there is hope and help available to them.

Through our Continuum of Care program, Taylor received that help and support. Thanks to supporters like you, young mothers like her are choosing life and getting the care they need. Because of you, women in crisis are finding long-term, sustainable support.

We are so grateful for your continued financial and prayerful support. Thank you for serving women, families, and children alongside us.