Former “Kansas” Lead Singer and Grammy-winning Artist John Elefante has partnered with Human Coalition to launch the music video for “This Time” – a powerful song that tells the story of John’s adopted daughter’s birth mother choosing life 20 years ago for Sami.

The song’s lyrics are based on the true story of what Sami’s 13-year old birth mother might have experienced… as “she sat cold in a waiting room, frightened and all alone . . . knowing that her baby would soon be gone.” As the video unfolds, we see the dreams she had of a little girl celebrating her third birthday and growing into a woman through the years, and we hear the voice she heard telling her to “run away . . . you’re not taking her . . . this time.”

“…the performer’s personal journey has colored his professional work, with the new song and video poised to raise some eyebrows among pro-life and pro-choice forces, alike. But that seems fine by Elefante, who is intent on making a major impact through his music.”

RT @douglaswils: I pray this music video gets wide circulation — // You’re not taking her this time.
John Piper (@JohnPiper)

“Watch & Share this unbelievable music video showing a young woman’s decision to choose life.”
Jay Sekulow ( Facebook )

We’ve really enjoyed partnering with John Elefante on this project and hope that you enjoy the video.

We’ve already had more than 33,000 people watch the video in the past few days, but we’d love to see over 100,000 people impacted. So please forward this email on to friends and family to help us get there!