Three years ago, “Natasha” was single and pregnant. Without seeking the support of her friends or family, she visited an abortion clinic and discreetly terminated her pregnancy. Today, Natasha still carries the emotional scars of her tragic decision.

So when she faced an unplanned pregnancy once more, Natasha hoped this time would be different.

While searching online for an abortion clinic, she discovered Human Coalition’s outreach; and with one phone call, she was connected with a life-affirming women’s care clinic in her community. The next day, Natasha visited the clinic with her best friend by her side. Ironically, her best friend was also pregnant and just weeks away from welcoming her first child.

natasha3During Natasha’s visit, the clinic’s staff provided her with compassionate one-on-one care without judgment or condemnation. As Natasha and her best friend watched a video describing what takes place during and after an abortion, the tears began to flow. Natasha thought about the child she’d already aborted, and her best friend pleaded with her not to terminate this pregnancy.

With the support of the clinic’s staff and the love of her best friend, Natasha decided to parent her child!

She left the women’s care clinic that day feeling empowered and equipped for her parenting journey. Encouraged by the support of her friend and the practical help she knew she’d receive from the clinic’s staff, Natasha believed that despite the odds stacked against her, she could parent her child well.

And she was right!

Today, Natasha is the proud mother of a sweet baby girl named “Ivy.” When asked about her decision to choose Life, she responded, “You may think at the time that abortion is your only way out of your trouble. It’s really not. There’s always help.”

Your continued support—both prayerful and financial—are critical to keeping women like Natasha out of their local abortion clinics and helping them to connect with one of Human Coalition’s women’s care clinics where they can become fully educated about their pregnancy.

Thank you for joining together with Human Coalition, both prayerfully and financially. Because of you, Natasha’s baby girl has a life to live.