“Zoe” didn’t know what to do. Her marriage was falling apart, and she knew divorce was inevitable. However, she never anticipated that she’d experience an unplanned pregnancy. Thoughts and fears plagued her. What will people think?

Even though Zoe could see a future with the baby’s father, the conflict she felt over the paternity of the baby led her to begin searching online for abortion information. Thankfully, she decided to call Human Coalition’s National Contact Center.


As Zoe explained her situation to the kind person on the phone, she began to feel relief that she had someone to listen to her concerns and understand her feelings. She told the care coordinator that while she’d experienced an abortion once before, she never thought she would consider having another one. But now she felt so uncertain; she didn’t know what to do.


The care coordinator encouraged Zoe to think long-term instead of focusing only on the crisis at hand. She told Zoe, “Imagine what life might look like in six months or even five years from now.”

Zoe admitted she hadn’t thought that far ahead. She was allowing worry and anxiety to drive her thoughts. But she knew that even if she pursued an abortion, it wouldn’t save her marriage. While she was upset over how the pregnancy had happened, she loved the idea of being a mother. The thought of hearing her child call her “Mama” brightened her thoughts.

The care coordinator continued to encourage Zoe and scheduled her for a free ultrasound at our women’s care clinic. After seeing her little boy, “Eli,” on the ultrasound monitor, Zoe knew she couldn’t abort. She decided to parent. After his birth, she even brought Eli in to meet the staff at the women’s care clinic.


Through our Continuum of Care program, Zoe received the help and support she needed. As our clinic staff followed up with her, Zoe gained more confidence in herself and her ability to parent. And now she and Eli are doing well. On behalf of Zoe and Eli, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to more women like her. We truly appreciate you!