“Claire” chose to brave motherhood for her son “Dalton” — Human Coalition Baby #4,057!

Staring at the positive pregnancy test, Claire was too scared to tell a soul, let alone call the phone number she found online while searching for abortion-related information.

Instead, Claire joined an online chat with the Human Coalition team through our website. She was promptly connected to a neighborhood life-affirming clinic and scheduled an appointment.

During her visit, Claire shared that being a parent — and all that it would entail — seemed overwhelming, but nothing compared to aborting her baby.

The team assured her that not only was she capable, but she had a support team at the clinic — a team willing to help her throughout her decision-making process, and to provide the supplies and parenting classes she’d need, as well as any ongoing support.

Claire was stunned to learn she wasn’t alone, and she decided that with the clinic’s help, motherhood was her best option!