Peace of mind led “Lavon” to choose life for her baby boy, “Xavier” — Human Coalition Baby #4,722! With shaky hands, Lavon held the positive pregnancy test as she searched online for hope. Rather than respond to the first abortion-driven ad that popped up, Lavon discovered Human Coalition and dialed the number on the screen. Through her tears, Lavon shared her story of desperation with the contact center agent on the other end of the line — her baby’s father was an addict, she was already a single mother of a teenage boy, and she’d suffered through an ectopic pregnancy. Could she do it all again? Before doing anything else, the HC contact center agent offered to pray with Lavon to help calm her nerves, and Lavon eagerly agreed. After that, she scheduled an appointment for Lavon at one of HC’s life-affirming pregnancy centers. During her appointment, Lavon decided to let go of her fears and seek the help that was available to her through the pregnancy center. Sometimes all a mother needs is a reminder that she’s not alone — and baby Xavier is living proof of that!