Patience and time to think led “Antoinette” to choose life for baby “Ray”, #4,978!
At the sight of a positive pregnancy test, Antoinette went online to find a neighboring abortion clinic.
Her online search provided other options like a phone call to visit with one of HC’s life-affirming clinics.
Antoinette picked up the phone to schedule her first appointment — a call that would eventually save her son’s life.
While at the clinic, Antoinette shared that with two kids back to back, she wanted to break the cycle of unplanned motherhood. She didn’t want to progress “too far” in the pregnancy for her comfort to abort, so she wanted to act now.
The staff patiently addressed each of her concerns and walked her through her decision making process.
It wasn’t until she sorted through her thoughts aloud with a new friend that she was able to see she knew the best option all along — she chose LIFE for baby boy, Ray!