As the daughter of a pastor, Jennifer was convinced she had to hide the truth of her unplanned pregnancy. So abortion seemed like the only reasonable solution. Battling whether or not she would discuss this decision with her friends or family, Jennifer aimlessly drove around town — or so she thought. Jennifer came upon our Dallas/Ft. Worth Women’s Mobile Unit and went inside.

Instead of the stereotypical clinical feel, she found the warmth and compassion she needed. The women she encountered served as the turning point in her pregnancy and one of the biggest influences in her decision to parent. Jennifer’s daughter Riley is now approaching her third birthday!

And on April 20, 2017 (the same day we celebrated our annual banquet!), Jennifer married the man who vowed his devotion to her and Riley for who they are — no matter what they’d been through. Every day, Jennifer looks at Riley and says, “I’m so glad you’re here; you were worth it all.”