With Holiday Connections, you and I and our women’s care clinic staff can give new mothers and their families something for which to be thankful. At a time of year when it’s often difficult to make ends meet, you can step in to help with meals and gifts to make the holidays brighter. And very often, this leads to an even deeper relationship between you and the mothers we serve together.

One of our volunteers, Kate, told us how she made a difference in Crystal’s life. Crystal had visited our center for an ultrasound, and she needed advice and encouragement as she raised her two young children while pregnant with her third. Crystal had an abortion during an earlier pregnancy and later realized it was a tremendous mistake. This time around, she wanted to do the right thing, and she asked for our help.

Kate has built a very close relationship with Crystal over the past year… and it all started because of Holiday Connections. Last Thanksgiving, Kate picked up a turkey and a full meal for Crystal’s family, and then she spent time getting to know Crystal, her fiancé, and their children. Then at Christmas, Kate and her small group from church collected $200 to help Crystal buy presents for her kids.

Crystal was so grateful. She told Kate: “Thank you so much for thinking about our family. The holidays are very hard for us. The kids have birthdays around the holidays, and it gets difficult.”

Since then, Kate has stayed in close touch with Crystal, offering advice and support to help her through the tough times. As Kate describes it, because she’s a mother who’s a little bit older than Crystal, she can offer her years of experience to guide Crystal as a friend and mentor. She tells us “Beyond the food, beyond the money, someone knowing that you really care about them outside of their doctor appointments is enormously meaningful.” And she adds that her time with Crystal “has been a joy for me, and I hope it’s been the same for her.”

Kate tells us that Crystal recently started asking her questions about Christ and the Gospel. Kate says, “I’m very bold in my faith, so Crystal knew in the beginning where I was coming from. Then one day we were talking, and she was totally open to the Gospel. She was asking what it really means to be a Christian, what sin means, and what Jesus did for us.”

Kate bought a Bible for Crystal to help her learn more, and she has connected Crystal to a church group. This is wonderful news, as being a part of a loving faith community can be the best way to improve the lives of a young family like hers.

Holiday Connections has led to lasting benefits for Crystal and her children. With Kate’s friendship and advice, and with the support of you and Human Coalition, Crystal knows she can always count on someone.

Take part in our Holiday Connections this year, to help give more women like Crystal something to be thankful for?