Holiday Connections 2019

Holiday Connections 2019 

This year, we are asking that you bless a family during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This will include a Thanksgiving meal, Christmas meal, and Christmas gifts. We will find the perfect match for you according to how you’re willing to serve.

Individuals, families, and small groups are all encouraged to sponsor a family in need. This is a two-holiday commitment. We are asking the same supporters to sponsor the same families for both holidays. This is vital for establishing a lasting relationship them.

Please contact Shameka Harrington, Continuum of Care Coordinator, at [email protected] if interested by November 15th.

How Holiday Connections Works: 

  • 1) We survey you to find out what kinds of resources you are comfortable investing (time, financial, etc.), so we can match you with one or more families that make the most sense. We will also discuss your comfort level with building deeper relationships with our client families. 
  • 2) We have clients fill out a “wants and needs” list for everyone living in their household. 
  • 3) We make the best match possible, and Shameka, our Continuum of Care Coordinator, connects you with the family. 

The fun part of Holiday Connections is how you get to connect! If you are comfortable starting a long-term relationship, then you may choose to shop alongside the mom or invite her to join your family for the holiday meal. Some groups have even shown up at a client’s home with a Christmas tree and all the trimmings!  

If you aren’t ready for a deeper, long-term relationship, then you may choose to meet the mom at our clinic or a public place near where she lives to drop off the gifts.