Remarkably, before or within the first 24 hours of discovering their crisis pregnancy, the majority of abortion-determined women and men decide whether or not they will choose life for their unborn child (Guttmacher Institute, Reasons for Abortion and Timing of Abortion Studies, 2006).

With that in mind, Human Coalition has made it our mission to connect with people who are facing a crisis pregnancy, and we do so through both online and offline outreaches to ensure they get connected with a local, life-affirming pregnancy resource center (PRC).

One way we do this is by supporting our approximately 50 participating PRCs across 23 states by helping them answer their phones. We believe the caring and compassionate volunteer staff at these PRCs should feel free to focus on offering one-on-one care for their abortion-minded clients, rather than having to interrupt a one-on-one session to go answer a ringing phone. So in October of 2013, Human Coalition launched an in-house Call Center that’s equipped to receive and respond to client phone calls whenever participating PRCs are unavailable to answer them.

When a desperate woman calls the number on her computer screen, she will speak with a compassionate and caring person who can also schedule an appointment for her at her local PRC. Working in tandem with participating life-affirming centers, the Human Coalition backup Call Center has increased the call answer rate from 42 percent to 90 percent, resulting in more scheduled appointments!

But our support doesn’t end there. After helping an abortion-determined individual schedule an appointment at a nearby PRC, our Call Center takes it a step further by following up with each client, encouraging her to keep the appointment, and answering any questions she may have regarding her pregnancy (with the exception of medical information or advice).

Incredibly, every stage of this process is covered in prayer, thanks to the innovative Human Coalition Prayer App. The moment a woman contacts one of the participating PRCs or our in-house Call Center, app users receive a notification to pray for her. This initial notification is then followed up with regular reminders to continue praying that the client keeps her appointment and ultimately chooses life.

The HC Prayer App is revolutionizing the pro-life movement by instilling the power of prayer into the fight to end abortion in America. Our Prayer App engages thousands of pro-life individuals like you and asks them to intercede through prayer on behalf of abortion-seeking women and their families at every step of their journeys.

If you’ve been waiting and wondering how you can get involved in the fight to rescue the unborn in our nation, now is the time. And it’s never been easier to get started.

You can get involved today by downloading the Human Coalition Prayer App and praying for women as we reach them online and pair them with their local PRCs. But making that appointment is only half the battle. In my next email I’ll share about our efforts to encourage women to keep their appointments and how you can help.

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