Pro-Life Pastor

How church leaders should respond to Planned Parenthood:

While we may be outraged at what we are seeing, as pastors and shepherds, we need to remember those we are leading as we speak about these videos. Our people are talking about them and trying to process the varying views they are being bombarded with on social media and in the news.

We need to speak first with grace, knowing there are people in our congregation who have abortion as part of their past. We need to give our people something to do in response. We want to help pastors to do just that, so we have broken down each video and provided talking points for you, as well as some higher level talking points and other resources.

Talking Points


Always Lead With Grace

John 8:32, Romans 1:8

Statistics say 1 in 3 women in the church have had abortions. Many men in the church have been a part of one as well. They first need to hear and know they are forgiven, before they can hear the outrage leading to action.


Speak Truth, Not Rhetoric

Proverbs 24:10-12

The truth is on our side in this debate. We don’t need to exaggerate or make up stories or stats. Science proves the life inside the mother is a distinct human being. Knowing that, in order to approve of abortion one must say it is okay to kill some human beings, and some more powerful human being gets to make the decision about who lives and dies. In history this never ends well.

See our blogs on the SLED acronym that will help you be equipped for these conversations. The Bible, science and ethics all lead to life, not death.


End With Action

Romans 5:20b

Our people want to do something. It is our job as pastors to point them toward what they can do. We encourage people to write their legislators, join one of the many peaceful protests that are scheduled, download the Human Coalition Prayer App, speak out, flood social media with pro life messages, etc. There are many calls to action, and you as the shepherd.