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Rodnesha and Jeremie’s Story

Although the odds seemed stacked against Rodnesha and Jeremie, they made the courageous decision to choose life! 


A Lifetime Connection: Jessica and Carl’s Story

Poor and desperate, Jessica and her husband Carl visited our women’s care clinic determined to have an abortion. “We didn’t have any money to buy what a baby would need,” Jessica recalls. “But then the caregiver assured us, ‘we can help you with that.’” That’s when Jessica’s outlook changed.



When we met Lakeisha, she was pregnant with her fifth child. She had recently moved out of her house and was living in one room with all of her children.


Christina’s Story

When Christina discovered she was pregnant, she had recently lost her home and had no where to go. Everything changed the day she walked onto Human Coalition's Mobile Women's Care Clinic.

Life Decisions