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Flying Cars and the Reason for Our Existence

Human Coalition is “taking the love of Christ to those who need him most,” says Dr. Jim Denison.


News Outlet: Denison Forum

Love: The Christian Answer to Abortion

Human Coalition’s Director of Church Outreach, Rev. Sean Martin, discusses the simple call of Christians to love, and how that call answers the problem of abortion.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Dallas Morning News: Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor about anti-life initiatives at Southern Methodist University by Human Coalition’s Meg McCrory, an SMU alumna, was published by the Dallas Morning News.

News Outlet: Dallas Morning News

Pro-Lifers See Hope in Gorsuch

One News Now interviews Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Rev. Dean Nelson. Rev. Nelson shares his thoughts on what we can expect from pro-life Justice Neil Gorsuch.

News Outlet: One News Now

Senate Confirms Trump Nominee Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court

Human Coalition president Brian Fisher quoted by Live Action News on the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch:

“We look to our newest Justice with confidence that he will uphold the Right to Life of the most vulnerable Americans: preborn children and their mothers, and we thank the Senators who remained steadfast in the face of extreme partisan opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation.”

News Outlet: Live Action News

Missions Radio Interview with Brian Fisher of Human Coalition

Kenneth Mitchell, founder of Missions Radio, interviews Human Coalition President and Co-Founder Brian Fisher on the Missions Radio podcast.

News Outlet: Missions Radio

Want To Stop Planned Parenthood? Do These 10 Things

Human Coalition is part of the solution to stopping and replacing Planned Parenthood.

News Outlet: Live Action News

They’re Unreached by All But the Abortion Industry, But This Group Is Changing That

Paul Strand of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) interviews Human Coalition President Brian Fisher.

News Outlet: CBN

5 Ways Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers And Clinics Can Save More Babies From Abortion

Christian Post reporter Samuel Smith writes about Human Coalition’s work to rescue children and families from abortion.

News Outlet: Christian Post

Does Gorsuch’s Respect For Precedent Mean He Will Never Strike Roe?

Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, explores Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s comments on judicial precedent and considers whether pro-life Americans should worry that the Trump nominee will fail when the opportunity to defend life arises.

News Outlet: The Federalist

Dr. Willie Parker’s Christian Rationale For Abortion Is Flawed

Human Coalition Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, responds to an abortionist’s claim that committing abortions is aligned with Christian values.

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Rescuing Mothers And Children From Abortion Using Cutting-Edge Technology And Data

Human Coalition’s President and Co-Founder, Brian Fisher, lectured at FRC University on the importance of technology and data in serving abortion-seeking women.

Pro-Life Group Embraces Big Data To Connect With Women Who Are Seeking Abortions

The Washington Times’ Bradford Richardson discusses Human Coalition’s cutting-edge use of data and technology in serving abortion-vulnerable women and rescuing preborn children.

Rev. Dean Nelson Interviewed on EWTN

National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, discusses Human Coalition’s online strategy on EWTN News Nightly.

News Outlet: EWTN News

In Defense of Those Pro-Life Curmudgeons

Colin Lecroy, Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, responds to common stereotypes and misconceptions about pro-life advocates.

News Outlet: Townhall

Parents of Down Syndrome Girl Tell UN That the Family Protects Kids

Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition of Pittsburgh, Kurt Kondrich, had the opportunity to speak to the United Nations in New York City earlier this month. Kondrich encouraged delegates and attendees to work toward the protection of all human life.

News Outlet: C-Fam

Jeff Bradford on Spirit Led Men

Human Coalition’s Vice President of Strategy and Development, Jeff Bradford, was interviewed on the Spirit Led Men podcast. Jeff discusses his own testimony, the work of Human Coalition, and the role of Christian men in the workplace. Listen and read at the link below.

News Outlet: Spirit Led Men

Pro-Life Message To Be Delivered At The United Nations

Human Coalition of Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Development, Kurt Kondrich, will speak at the United Nations later this month. Kurt is a longtime, vocal advocate for the rights of the preborn and individuals with Down syndrome.

News Outlet: Pittsburgh Catholic

How the New Feminist Resistance Leaves Out American Women

Human Coalition’s Public Relations Manager, Lauren Enriquez, discusses feminists’ attempts to exclude anti-abortion women from public dialogue.

News Outlet: The New York Times

Brian Fisher Interviewed On theDove

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher shares his thoughts on preborn Americans and how American churches must engage the culture on abortion.

News Outlet: theDove

Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Speak for Me: Pro-Life Voices Drowned Out

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez takes media to task for ignoring the voices of women who oppose abortion.

News Outlet: Bold

Will The Pro-Life Movement Be A Victim Of Its Own Success?

Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, and Research and Optimization Lead, Az Rahlouni, discuss the future of the pro-life movement.

News Outlet: The Hill

Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses how abortion exploits women and holds men to low standards of masculinity and integrity.

If The Left Wants To Embrace Refugees, How Can They Defend Hostility Towards Those Yet To Be Born?

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses the hypocrisy of supporting foreign refugees while at the same time upholding the so-called right to kill preborn children.

Human Coalition Board Member: Without Right to Life, Nothing Else Matters

Human Coalition board member Catherine Davis tells The Washington Post why she is hopeful that the new Administration will take steps to “stop Planned Parenthood from targeting black women.”

News Outlet: The Washington Post

Bishop Vincent Mathews of COGIC at Pro-Life Con

Bishop Mathews discusses the pro-life motives behind the 3-year partnership between Human Coalition and the Church of God in Christ at the Family Research Council’s Pro-Life Con.

Human Coalition Is Recreating The Culture Of Life

Red State’s Robert Cross interviews Lauren Enriquez, Public Relations Manager at Human Coalition, about how the organization is changing culture for life.

News Outlet: Red State

Benjamin Watson: You Can Change The Course Of Generations

Super Bowl champion, author, and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson addressed March for Life crowds about the integral role of men in ending abortion. Watson has worked closely with Human Coalition to engage men in the battle for life.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Trump On Their Side, Conservatives See Hope In Lengthy Abortion Fight

Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, was quoted by The New York Times, saying: “The Trump administration presents us with a new opportunity: For the first time, really, we are able to interface with the federal government to achieve our goals. […] We are cautiously optimistic.”

News Outlet: The New York Times

Meet The Pro-Life Group Cracking Planned Parenthood’s Favorite Market

The Gospel Coalition provides an exclusive, unprecedented look behind the scenes of Human Coalition’s abortion-ending strategy.

Who Cares More? Pro-Lifers or Pro-Choicers?

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez examines the major “intensity gap” between pro-life advocates and abortion supporters.

News Outlet: The Stream

A Coming Post-Roe Apocalypse?

Human Coalition’s Colin LeCroy deconstructs the abortion industry’s myth that overturning Roe v. Wade would result in an epidemic of back-alley abortions.

News Outlet: Townhall

Men: Want To Be Pro-Women? Be Pro-Life.

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez challenges men to defend and support women by rejecting abortion culture.

News Outlet: Bold

The World Is Watching On The Issue Of ‘Life’

OneNewsNow interviews Human Coalition President Brian Fisher on America’s role in ending abortion. Fisher stated:
“Certainly as the flagship superpower of the world, our country’s perspective on the weakest and innocent members of our society, those not yet born, certainly resonates around the world.”

News Outlet: OneNewsNow

Abortion: Not Just A Woman’s Issue

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher explains why men should be involved in ending abortion.

News Outlet: OneNewsNow

How Pregnancy Resource Centers Respond To Sex Trafficking Victims

Live Action investigates Planned Parenthood’s systematic betrayal of sex trafficking victims, Human Coalition’s Regional Clinic Director Lori Szala weighs in on how pro-life women’s clinics respond when abuse is suspected.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Church Silence on Abortion: Deafening and Deadly

Op-ed by Human Coalition’s Senior Director of Church Outreach, Sean Martin, on crucial importance of church engagement in ending abortion.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

NFL’s Ben Watson: Time for Men to Stand Up for Women. Against Abortion…

Popular conservative talk show highlights efforts to engage men in pro-life efforts.

News Outlet: Louder with Crowder

NFL’s Ben Watson: “Abortion Won’t End Until Men Stand Up” For Women and Children

LifeNews encourages readers to visit Human Coalition’s new resource center at

News Outlet: LifeNews

Human Coalition: Men Exploit Women Through Abortion; It’s Time To Stop This

Live Action’s Danny Burton talks about Human Coalition’s new resources for men.

News Outlet: Live Action News

NFL’s Benjamin Watson: ‘Abortion Will Not End Until Men Stand Up’

Superbowl Champion Benjamin Watson discusses why men must be involved in ending abortion.

News Outlet: The Daily Wire

When Did “Pro-Life” Become a Bad Word

Lauren Enriquez unpacks research sponsored by Human Coalition examining public perceptions of the pro-life label.

News Outlet: Townhall

New Mexico Lawsuit Shows Why Abortion Doesn’t Make Sense

Colin LeCroy, Associate General Counsel of Human Coalition, discusses a mother’s recent lawsuit about the sale of fetal parts, the real-world experiences of our caregivers, and how the community and the church must be cognizant of the seeming incongruity of abortion decisions as they work toward a culture of life.

News Outlet: National Review

Black Americans Comprise 13% of the Population, But 35% of Abortions Kill Black Babies

Human Coalition’s National Church Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, discusses efforts to engage the church and the African-American community in ending abortion.

News Outlet: LifeNews

Why Abortion Clinics Hate Burying Aborted Children

The Federalist: Human Coalition Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, discusses a new regulation in Texas aimed at affording dignity to the remains of aborted children.

News Outlet: The Federalist

The Proven Strategy for Ending Abortion… One City at a Time

At Crux, we discuss the mission of Human Coalition and our work to bring life and hope to children and families in Atlanta.

News Outlet: Crux

Atlanta Pregnancy Center Becomes Part of Human Coalition Family

Live Action News contributor Josh Denton discusses Human Coalition’s new work in the city of Atlanta.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Pro-Life Leader: I’m Pro-Life Because I Once Took the Life of My Child in an Abortion

It was this first-hand experience with abortion which ultimately led Jeff Bradford, the Vice President of Human Coalition, into the pro-life cause.

News Outlet: LifeNews

Brian Fisher a Guest on the Kyle Heimann Show

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, joined Kyle Heimann to discuss how abortion exploits women and what men can do to help end the abuse.

News Outlet: Redeemer Radio

Brian Fisher Featured on the Village Church Podcast

Brian Fisher of Human Coalition joins Matt Chandler and David Roark to talk about the issue of abortion. They look at the progress we are making to end abortion, from stats to stories, and discuss whether or not abortion will become illegal in the United States during our lifetime.

News Outlet: The Village Church

French Council Rejects Ad With Smiling Down Syndrome Children as it Might Disturb Post-Abortive Moms

Human Coalition Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Development, Kurt Kondrich, gives his perspective as a pro-life advocate and the father of a child with Down syndrome.

Anonymous Nurse Reveals Intense Grief in Open Letter to Miscarried and Aborted Babies

Billy Hallowell highlights the story of grief and hope shared by an ultrasound nurse at Human Coalition Raleigh.

News Outlet: Faithwire

Hot Drinks, Warm Conversation: How Building Trust Could Influence the Way We Counsel Abortion-Determined Women

Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition Pittsburgh, explores research conducted by Human Coalition on the psychology of warm priming in his weekly column at Renew America.

News Outlet: Renew America

Ultrasound Nurse Reveals Grief She Carries When Babies Die

An ultrasound nurse at Human Coalition Raleigh writes about her the grief she experiences each time a baby she has “met” via ultrasound dies.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Finding Support Gave This Single Mom Courage to Choose Life for Her Son

Live Action News features the story of Lola, a single mother who was empowered to choose life after receiving support from Human Coalition.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Human Coalition & 8 Great Resources for Pro-Lifers

Christian blog, Glorious Within Her, shares how Human Coalition can help you make a tangible difference in the fight for life.

News Outlet: Glorious Within Her

Time to Keep His ‘Feet to the Fire’: Pro-Life Leaders Vow to Hold Trump to His Promises

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, quoted alongside other pro-life leaders regarding Donald Trump’s promises.

News Outlet: LifeSite News

The Stream – To Overcome Planned Parenthood Juggernaut, Pro-Lifers Must Support Our Cause!

New polling from Human Coalition shows that self-identified pro-lifers do not donate to or engage with pro-life groups as a whole.

News Outlet: The Stream

Human Life Review – Choose this Day Whom You Will Serve

The idea that a father might speak on behalf of his family is anathema in our culture. What right does a man have to speak for his wife, or to indoctrinate his children? Choice really is the word for our culture.

News Outlet: Human Life Review

Untapped fervor: Most Pro-Life Americans Don’t Financially Engage in the Effort to End Abortion

A 2015 survey sponsored by Human Coalition and conducted by Russell Research explored reasons why so few life-affirming people are financially engaged in the effort to end abortion.

News Outlet: Live Action News

How an Adele Song Can Help Predict Whether a Pregnant Woman Will Choose Life

Researchers at Human Coalition worked in partnership with our network of women’s care clinics throughout the country to apply several unique practices and measure the results empirically. The resulting metrics could be directly applied by pro-life pregnancy centers across the country to yield a higher rate of women choosing life for their children (i.e., non-abortion decisions such as parenting and adoption).

News Outlet: Live Action News

Human Coalition and Church of God in Christ Have New Plan to “Make Abortion Unthinkable”

The pro-life group Human Coalition has announced it is joining forces with Pentecostal denomination Church of God in Christ (COGIC) for a three-year project to make “abortion unthinkable and unavailable in America.”

News Outlet: Live Action News

‘Human Coalition’ Announces Name-Change as Mission Expands

Years ago, Human Coalition forged a new approach to pro-life activism when the organization’s founders left high-powered jobs to apply their corporate expertise to a groundbreaking pro-life ministry.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Abortion and Fatherhood– A Man’s Take

In an op-ed at Fox News, Brian Fisher explores how abortion has harmed fatherhood in the decades since Roe v. Wade.

News Outlet: Fox News

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