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Human Coalition to Testify before the Texas House in Support of Alternatives to Abortion Program


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September 8, 2022, AUSTIN — Today, Human Coalition’s National Director of Public Policy Chelsey Youman will testify before the Texas House Appropriations Committee in support of the Alternatives to Abortion (“A2A”) Program. This safety net program has been in place in Texas since 2006 and continues to provide support services to pregnant women and equip them as they face unexpected pregnancies.

“By funding services for women and families in need, Alternatives to Abortion enables nonprofits like Human Coalition to empower women to a place of socio-economic stability, to help improve pregnancy outcomes and child health, and save countless lives in the process,” Youman says. “Looking forward to a post-Roe landscape, it’s imperative that we not only maintain this program’s track record of success, but also improve it to meet the pressing needs of Texas women and children.”

The A2A program is at the core of care for mothers in difficult situations in Texas, and in the 2021 fiscal year alone it provided more than 126,000 clients with nearly 2.7 million services. These services included tangible resources such as diapers and car seats, as well as long term stabilizing support like gynecological care, safe housing, employment and affordable child care.

In the committee hearing, Youman will argue that, “By funding services for women and families in need, Alternatives to Abortion enables non-profits like Human Coalition to empower women to a place of socio-economic stability, to help improve pregnancy outcomes and child health, and save countless lives in the process. Looking forward to a post-Roe landscape, it’s imperative that we not only maintain this program’s track record of success, but also improve it to meet the pressing needs of Texas women and children. “

The A2A program meets these needs by providing mothers with the information and resources they need to make a well-informed decision about their child and their future. These resources include enabling women to be cared for by nonprofit charitable organizations near them that assist with employment, safe housing, domestic violence, substance abuse, counseling or any other resource these mothers may need. It also connects them to early gynecological care, thus mitigating many health risks such as maternal or infant disparities.

“This may be the most important thing I tell you today—we ask every single woman seeking abortion if her circumstances were different, would she prefer to parent. And three out of four say yes,” Youman says. “These women most often feel they have no choice or pressured into an abortion because of their economic or social problems. Studies indicate that 64% are coerced to abort by their partner or a family member. Abortion isn’t empowerment.”

Jacqueline, a woman who found herself facing an unexpected pregnancy, shares a powerful testimony about her experience finding an alternative to abortion here. The full House Appropriations Committee hearing along with Chelsey Youman’s testimony can be watched live here.

About Human Coalition

Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation, operating a growing network of Telecare and Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics across the nation.

Statement of Human Coalition President on the Supreme Court’s Dobbs Ruling

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DALLAS, Texas, June 24, 2022 – Human Coalition president Jeff Bradford issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization:

“My wife and I just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. The very reason I’m in the pro-life movement is that 30 years ago, we got engaged and found out we were expecting during our engagement. We ended up at a Planned Parenthood and later, after the abortion of our first daughter, we felt like this was the “unforgivable sin.” Abortion was something no one talked about in our church.

“We found a path to hope and healing, and now I am overjoyed that our four children will be living in a post-Roe world. I am praying for tremendous healing in the land, particularly for all the mothers who have had abortions over the years. I want to assure you – there is hope and healing for you.

“For women facing unexpected pregnancies, the pro-life movement is ready to meet them where they are and help them choose life. We need to be listening to these women about their needs. The vast majority of the women we see tell us that they would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. We exist to fill in that gap and help ensure that their circumstances change, that they are empowered to choose life.

“Today, we honor the pro-life heroes who have been advocating for women and preborn children for decades. Whether they fought lonely battles in state houses to prevent the passage of pro-abortion legislation, or stood outside abortion facilities in the cold, trying to encourage women that there’s a better way than abortion – this day is for you. We would not be here today as a movement without you, and we owe you all of our gratitude. And we are thankful also for the Supreme Court justices who stood strong in repealing Roe, who did not give in to vociferous opposition.

“Looking forward, we still have many challenges ahead as we try to protect all preborn children. But we will only overcome these challenges by changing hearts and minds, not by bombastic rhetoric or by scoring political points. While we must ensure good laws, love is ultimately the answer to transforming society.

“To our pastors, ministers and priests who have been courageously preaching the truth of life: thank you. I am praying for the rest of the churches to walk alongside women facing unexpected pregnancies, and begin to speak about this issue winsomely and gracefully, providing healing and hope for women. The culture will judge us by our response to women in need.

“Finally, I would like to issue a special call to all men to stand up and be men of courage and honor and protect the women and children in their lives from the evil of abortion. I pray for these families, and that this ruling will  change the culture in America  to make abortion unthinkable.  The child in the womb has incredible value and dignity, and we value preborn children as much as we do born children.”

About Human Coalition

Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life, pro-woman, and pro-family organizations in the country, commited to making abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.  Founded in 2009, Human Coalition has grown from a simple internet outreach idea into a comprehensive care network that reaches women facing unexpected pregnancies, rescues innocent preborn children from abortion, and restores families to stability.



Human Coalition Responds Report of Leaked Draft of Supreme Court Dobbs Opinion


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May 2, 2022, AUSTIN, Texas — Human Coalition Director of Public Policy Chelsey Youman issued the following statement on Monday, following reports of a leaked draft opinion in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization currently before the Supreme Court:

“The draft Supreme Court opinion leaked tonight represents a constitutionally principled and powerful opinion. The Court would courageously fulfill its duty to uphold the Constitution by dismantling Roe v. Wade once and for all. As Roe lawlessly removed the issue of abortion from its rightful place, with the American people. With this opinion, the people would once again be given the authority to protect human life in the womb. Until final, we must continue to pray for the Court’s formal opinion in Dobbs.

“If real, this leak is also a shameless, desperate attempt to politicize the Court before a final decision is issued. If it were to be successful, the Supreme Court would be nothing more than a weathervane of public opinion.

“America is ready for this moment to see Roe overturned. Over the last 50 years of legal abortion, government programs and charitable non-profits established a robust infrastructure to support and help mothers in need. More than 2,700 pro-life organizations across the country empower women considering abortion to choose life by offering tangible services to address their needs.

Human Coalition Joins Pro-Life Groups in Defunding Pennsylvania’s Ban on Taxpayer Funded Abortion


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Joint amicus brief before Pennsylvania Supreme Court argues that abortion harms women, should not be funded by taxpayers

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, December 13, 2021 – Human Coalition announced today the filing of a joint amicus curiae (friend of the court) legal brief before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, arguing that the state has the authority to ban Medicaid funding of abortion. The case of Allegheny Reproductive Health Center, et al. v. PA Department of Human Services, et al. involves a challenge to the state’s Medicaid abortion coverage ban.

Human Coalition filed the brief along with the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, and the Charlotte Lozier Institute. The brief, authored by Alliance Defending Freedom, explains how abortion inflicts physical and psychological harm on women, and argues that Pennsylvania has a legitimate interest in protecting both mother and child by not funding abortion.

“Abortion leads to many risks to a mother’s mental and physical health, leading to
increased risk of mental health disorders, short- and long-term harms to physical health, and even death,” the brief states. “And abortion can harm children in later pregnancies due to an increased risk of preterm birth.”

The brief cites one study showing that women undergoing abortions had higher risks of death from all causes (162 %), from suicide (154 %), and from natural causes (144 %) than other women who delivered a baby.

“Abortion can inflict such significant psychological trauma on some women that they choose to take their own life. And medical studies have shown that the risk of suicide increases after a woman has an abortion,” the brief states.

“Commonwealth’s refusal to fund a procedure that leads to substantial harm to women and children serves its interest in protecting the health of mother and child.”

The brief also includes testimonies from women who have had abortions, provided by Human Coalition, which reveal the psychological harm they endured from their abortion.

“Amicus Human Coalition operates the website ‘The Abortion Memorial,’ where individuals can post their abortion experiences. Many of these stories detail the psychological harm that mothers experience after abortion. Many mothers gave their child a name, wrote directly to them, and expressed regret at never meeting them,” the brief states.

Chelsey Youman, National Director of Public Policy for Human Coalition, stated:

“This brief documents what everyone must know about abortion—it creates significant physical and psychological tolls on women in addition to taking an innocent life in the womb. Women are the ones left carrying the burdens of their abortions and in many ways become a casualty of their abortion as well. Abortion-seeking women are among America’s most vulnerable and most underserved groups; the state should not be funding abortion and possibly enabling those who coerce women to abort.

“We must also understand the painful circumstances that lead them to choose abortion, and seek to give them every possible alternative. Human Coalition exists to serve these women and provide them all the support they need to choose alternatives to abortion.”

Human Coalition Joins National Institute of Family and Life Advocates to File Amicus Brief in Support of the Texas Heartbeat Act

Contact: Heather Cirmo, [email protected]
Thursday October 21, 2021

Human Coalition Joins National Institute of Family and Life Advocates to File Amicus Brief in Support of the Texas Heartbeat Act

DALLAS, October 21, 2021 — In response to the United States Justice Department’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to block S.B. 8, the Texas Heartbeat Act, Human Coalition, along with the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief today. The brief argues that in the wake of S.B. 8, Texas is uniquely equipped to serve women facing unexpected pregnancies and help them overcome their challenges.

“This brief clearly demonstrates that for decades Texas prepared a foundation to become an abortion-free state,” said Human Coalition National Director of Public Policy Chelsey Youman. “In an effort to help pregnant women in need, the Texas Legislature expanded its Alternatives to Abortion program to $100 million in its last session. And organizations like Human Coalition daily come alongside women to provide whatever they need to live healthy, stable lives with their children. Texas has proven that the needs of families can be met through both public and private resources without abortion.”

S.B. 8, which protects preborn children from abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, went into effect on September 1. Since then, it has been subjected to numerous court challenges — the most recent one coming from the Justice Department. On October 6, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman issued a preliminary injunction on the side of the Biden administration to block the legislation. Just a few days later, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the law, prompting the Justice Department to file an official appeal to the Supreme Court today.

“The will of the people should not be overruled by activist judges,” said Youman. “The Texas Heartbeat Act was enacted through the normal legislative process and supported by the people of Texas because we believe that a preborn baby’s heartbeat is clear evidence of human life. Our brief urges the Supreme Court to recognize the extensive resources for expectant mothers the state of Texas and private organizations like Human Coalition and NIFLA have available.”

About Human Coalition

Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation, operating a growing network of Telecare and Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics across the nation.



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Human Coalition Celebrates Milestone of 20,000 Preborn Children Rescued from Abortion

Thursday, April 29, 2021
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DALLAS, April 29, 2021 — Human Coalition, one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation operating a growing network of Telecare and Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics across the nation, celebrated the milestone of 20,000 preborn children rescued from abortion since the organization’s creation in 2009. Human Coalition set out to utilize innovative technology to reach planning-to-abort women through the internet. The first child was saved on June 22, 2010, with 14 more that same year.

Today, the organization operates seven Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics in Cleveland, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Pittsburgh, Raleigh and Charlotte. These also offer telecare services with two exclusive Telecare Women’s Clinics (one serving the entire state of Texas and the other in Chicago), which are staffed with professional nurses and social workers trained in client care best practices.

“Imagine all the moms who will get to celebrate Mother’s Day with their child in just a few days. Imagine all the families who will get to make a lifetime of memories together. Imagine all the boys and girls who will grow up, attend school, play sports, celebrate holidays, and could go on to have children of their own one day,” said Human Coalition President Jeff Bradford. “We thank God for using Human Coalition to help save preborn children and to provide resources, services and hope to women in need.”

Since its inception, Human Coalition has served over 214,000 women and families, and its family services division has counseled women over 19,000 times. In 2020 (during the pandemic), Human Coalition served a total of 44,131 women. As many as 202,280 different services were provided and 4,150 life decisions were made.

“Human Coalition fervently believes that ending abortion is possible,” said Bradford. “We will continue to do the important work of reaching and supporting vulnerable women, rescuing children from abortion, and restoring our culture to one that values life.”


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Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action Leaders Slam Planned Parenthood’s Fake “Reckoning”

Benjamin Watson, Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, and Rev. Dean Nelson Call Out Planned Parenthood President’s Empty Words

Sunday, April 18, 2021
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DALLAS, TX – Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action leaders Benjamin Watson, Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, and Rev. Dean Nelson today made the following statements regarding Planned Parenthood president and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson’s weekend New York Times op-ed about the organization’s association with Margaret Sanger’s white supremacist and eugenics ideology:

“It is time for Planned Parenthood to take the next step, or their denunciation of Margaret Sanger rings hollow,” said Benjamin Watson, Super Bowl champion and Vice President of Human Coalition. “Whether they personally identify with Sanger’s ideology or not, they continue to carry out her mission, by serving as the leading executioner of our children. The same Sanger they claim to disavow would applaud their efforts and results, as a disproportionate percentage of Black children have been killed in Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics. Acknowledging a racist history does not absolve them of the blood on their hands, as they continue to take full advantage of victims of the racism they decry.”

“Planned Parenthood has contributed to the harm of women of color for decades, and Alexis McGill Johnson’s so-called “reckoning” does nothing to change that truth,” said Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, Board Chair of Human Coalition Action. “They have failed to confront the white supremacy within its organization, as they continue to aggressively prey on Black and brown communities with abortion. Destroying human life contributes to a culture of death and injustice, and Planned Parenthood will always be known for killing a generation of minorities, just as Margaret Sanger dreamed that it would.”

“I am glad that Alexis McGill Johnson is finally acknowledging what many Black leaders have said for decades – Margaret Sanger harbored racist and eugenicist views,” said Rev. Dean Nelson, Executive Director of Human Coalition Action. “The problem with Margaret Sanger is more than just her ‘association’ with white supremacist groups and eugenics, it’s the implementation of those views in creating the largest abortion provider in America targeting people of color. You cannot acknowledge the racist person and history without admitting to the racist vision that has resulted in nearly 80 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities being located within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.”

Nelson continued, “There’s no redeeming Planned Parenthood’s tainted origins and current day racist practices. It’s a grave injustice that Planned Parenthood uses the taxpayer dollars of Black and brown people to continue Margaret Sanger’s legacy of racism and eugenicism across our country.”

In September 2020, a coalition of more than 120 Black American leaders co-signed a letter to the national headquarters of Planned Parenthood urging the nation’s largest abortion provider to publicly renounce the racist legacy of its founder.

Signers included Democrats and Republicans; doctors, professors and ministers; men and women from different ages and regions of the U.S. In addition to Benjamin Watson, Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, and Rev. Nelson, the list of signers included the Hon. Katrina Jackson (D-Senator, LA), Hon. James White (R-Representative, TX), Hon. Mack Jackson (D-Representative, GA), Hon. Monica Sparks (D-County Commissioner, Kent County, MI), and Kay Coles James, among many others.

About Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action

Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation, operating a growing network of telehealth and brick-and-mortar health care centers across the nation. Human Coalition Action is an affiliated public policy advocacy 501(c)4 organization advocating for preborn children by challenging legislators to vote for pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts.


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Super Bowl Champion and Pro-Life Activist Benjamin Watson Joins Human Coalition as Vice President of Strategic Relationships

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February 22, 2021, DALLAS — Human Coalition announced today the hiring of Super Bowl champion and pro-life activist Benjamin Watson as its Vice President of Strategic Relationships. In this role, Watson will serve as an ambassador for the organization, cultivating relationships with potential partners and legislators in key states. Previously, Watson served on Human Coalition’s Advisory Board.

“Whether on the football field or at his home with his seven kids, Benjamin works hard and excels at whatever he does,” said Human Coalition President Jeff Bradford. “Human Coalition is blessed to have him as part of our team, and we are eager to see how God continues to use him in our mission to transform our culture of death into a culture of life.”

Watson played 16 seasons in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. After retirement, Watson and his wife, Kirsten, released their first movie, Divided Hearts of America, a documentary featuring interviews with over 30 individuals on both sides of the abortion debate. They now host a popular podcast called “Why or Why Not With The Watsons” where they discuss everything from keeping the spark in your love story to how to talk to your kids about race. Watson is a frequent guest on radio and TV, often offering insights into football alongside commentary on abortion, race and religious persecution worldwide.

“I joined Human Coalition because its dedication to the cause of human dignity is evident in both word and deed,” said Watson. “While they’re drafting and promoting legislation and speaking into culture on this issue, they’re also on the ground helping women in crisis and preborn children in peril through their women’s clinics. I am honored to spread the word about the good work that they are doing.”

Human Coalition operates seven Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Clinics in Cleveland, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Pittsburgh, Raleigh and Charlotte. These also offer telecare. In addition, they have two exclusive Telecare Women’s Clinics — one serving the entire state of Texas and the other in Chicago — which are staffed with professional nurses and social workers trained to execute best practices in patient care. In 2020 — amidst a pandemic — Human Coalition served a total of 44,131 women with 202,280 different services provided and 4,150 life decisions made. Human Coalition offers a wide array of services ranging from pregnancy tests to financial assistance and housing to education and job training.

About Human Coalition and Human Coalition Action
Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the nation, operating a growing network of Telecare and Brick-and-Mortar Women’s Care Clinics across the nation. Human Coalition Action is the public policy advocacy arm of Human Coalition, advocating for preborn children by assisting governing officials in advancing pro-life policies, informing voters about pro-life candidates, and supporting pro-life legal arguments in the Courts.


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Systemic Racism at Planned Parenthood

“At this political moment, the world is still focused on preventing coronavirus deaths; the language of politicians and health officials suggests a reverence for the sanctity of human life. Yet most are nonchalant about the deaths of the unborn. During the lockdowns, abortion clinics remained open, even while we declared our national commitment to saving lives.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless,” Dietrich Bonhoeffer said. “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” America faces a Bonhoeffer moment. Planned Parenthood is still raking in millions of taxpayer dollars. Unborn lives matter. We should seize this occasion to defend the unborn and bring about the moral changes our nation needs.”

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Pro-Justice Means Pro-Life

“As far as we’ve come, one thing is still missing from the national justice conversation today: a recognition of dignity for pre-born human life. All too often, Americans still treat abortion and pro-life issues as separate from our collective fight for justice. The truth is that being pro-justice means being pro-life; every pro-life American is fighting for justice, and every pro-justice American needs to be pro-life.”

News Outlet: National Review

EXCLUSIVE: Former NFL Player Ben Watson Explains How The Pro-Life Movement Can Unify Americans

“The March for Life’s organizers have asked pro-lifers to attend the march virtually this year, marking the first time since 1974 that the massive march will not take place. The move also comes the same year that President Joe Biden entered office. Biden has already begun revoking pro-life policies.”

News Outlet: Daily Caller

Kirsten Watson Named New Executive Editor of MomLife Today Website

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Contact: D.J. Jordan

Wife of Super Bowl Champion Benjamin Watson To Lead Online Community For Christian Mothers

BOSTON, MA — MomLife Today, an online community of Christian mothers, today announced that speaker and media personality, Kirsten Watson, will serve as its new Executive Editor. Kirsten, the wife of Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson, will take her experiences as a mother of seven, a businesswoman, philanthropist, pro-life activist, movie producer, and professional sports wife to lead the inspirational website community for women.

In 2008, Tracey Eyster founded MomLife Today to encourage and empower moms to invest in their children, families and communities for God’s purposes and glory. After twelve years as its Director, Tracey is handing over the leadership and management of the online community to Watson. In addition to founding this website, Eyster also authored Be The Mom (Tyndale House Publishers) and the LifeWay Bible Study, Beautiful Mess.

“In a culture that seems to be growing more divisive and judgmental, it’s important for Christian women to have a community for support,” said Kirsten Watson. “In this online community, we have so many amazing women who are successful in life, the home, ministry, and the marketplace; yet, they are open about their vulnerabilities and areas of growth. It’s my sincere desire that this website can be a place of refuge, encouragement and discipleship for Christ following moms, but also a resource for nonbelievers to explore God’s purpose for their life.”

“Encouraging moms to seek God’s heart for motherhood through the community of MomLife Today has been a calling and a privilege,” said Tracey Eyster. “Praying for the future of MomLife Today led to God’s provision of Kirsten, an amazingly gifted woman who is following His call on her life. Kirsten is just the right combination of grace, depth, transparency, spunk and big fun! Moms are going to love her and gain much from her life! I am beyond excited about this transition and praying blessings over Kirsten as she leads and loves as Father God directs!”

With content from well-known Christian leaders like Priscilla Shirer, Dr. Meg Meeker, Crystal Paine, Barbara Rainey, and Mary Beth Chapman, MomLife Today aims to support mothers as they manage their households with Christian principles in a challenging culture.

After falling in love at the University of Georgia, Kirsten worked for a Fortune 500 company and then entered into the nonprofit arena. Her husband Benjamin played 16 seasons in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. After retirement, Benjamin joined the Advisory Board of Human Coalition, a pro-life organization that operates a growing network of women’s clinics across the nation, and with Kirsten, invested in local pregnancy centers by purchasing several ultrasound machines.

In October, Kirsten and her husband debuted a new podcast called, Why or Why Not with the Watsons.” In the weekly episodes, they discuss everything from keeping the spark in the marriage love story to how to talk to your kids about race. The podcast comes on the heels of another project from this husband and wife team; in September, the Watsons released their first movie, Divided Hearts of America, which provides an in-depth look at abortion in America, with interviews with more than 30 leaders with differing views on the subject.


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Jeff Bradford Named Human Coalition President

I am delighted to share with you today that Jeff Bradford, who has been serving the organization as Acting President for the past few months, has accepted the Board’s offer to become Human Coalition President. The Board has prayerfully considered for weeks who should be the new President for Human Coalition. We met this past weekend and unanimously decided to offer Jeff this position with immediate effect.

As you know, Jeff has spent a total of ten years on the staff of Human Coalition, most recently as Vice President of Strategic Relationships. Over the years, we have appreciated his servant leadership, his unwavering commitment to the vision of Human Coalition, and in the past couple of months, our respect for him has only grown. Jeff brings a wealth of management and leadership experience to this role. As former owner and CEO of Cross Media, Jeff built the company from 4 to 80 employees, and grew sales from $400,000 to over $14 million. Before coming to Human Coalition, Jeff was a managing partner of CGO Partners, a consulting firm focused on corporate growth.

Since joining Human Coalition, Jeff has demonstrated not only a commitment to the cause of ending abortion but also to you, the staff. There is no question that he has a heart for God, a heart for His mission, and a heart for His people. Jeff’s genuine love for serving others, coupled with his vast experience in leadership development and management render him well suited for this unique role, at this unique time. Though the Board recognizes this has not been an easy season for us, we are very excited about the days ahead. Thanks to Jeff and his team’s leadership, we are confident that the organization is heading in the right direction!

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Human Coalition’s mission and values. God bless you all.


Steve Ridge
Chairman, Board of Directors
Human Coalition


News Outlet: Human Coalition

Jeff Bradford Named Human Coalition Acting President

Friday, October 30, 2020
Contact: Heather Cirmo

Human Coalition celebrates that Jeff Bradford has been named acting president of the organization. Jeff has spent a total of ten years with Human Coalition, most recently serving as the Vice President of Strategic Relationships. Former president Brian Fisher recently resigned to pursue other opportunities.

“At Human Coalition, we are more excited than ever about the growth of this organization as we continue to fulfill the mission of ending abortion and rescuing preborn children,” said Bradford. “To defeat the abortion industry’s stranglehold on the culture, we remain deeply committed to partnering with churches, the pro-life community, and government leaders to end the devastation of abortion. And it’s equally important that we create systems that compassionately empower women to choose life. As we continue to expand our network of telehealth and brick-and-mortar women’s healthcare centers, we look forward to opening a presence in Chicago early next year.”

Jeff comes into this role with extensive experience with organizational leadership. As former owner and CEO of Cross Media, Jeff built the company from 4 to 80 employees, and grew sales from $400,000 to over $14 million. Most recently, Jeff was a managing partner of CGO Partners, a consulting firm focused on corporate growth. Jeff graduated from the University of Texas (Austin) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He and his wife Tricia have four children.

“Jeff brings a tremendous breadth of knowledge about leadership development and management to this new role at Human Coalition,” said Board of Directors Chairman Steve Ridge. “As Human Coalition continues to grow, the Board is pleased that this organization is making a real difference in the lives of so many children and families.”

Human Coalition was co-founded by Brian Fisher and Tim Kachuriak as “Online for Life” in 2007, which leveraged the power of technology to identify initial internet searches for pregnancy options as a crucial first touchpoint. By reaching women researching tough questions online with life-affirming resources, the first child was saved from abortion on June 22, 2010.  As of today, 18,291 preborn children have been rescued from abortion.


News Outlet: Human Coalition

Human Coalition Action Encouraged by Trump Supreme Court Justice Nominee

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Contact: Heather Cirmo
[email protected] 213-864-6645

Human Coalition Action National Legislative Advisor Chelsey Youman issued the following statement following President Trump’s official nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court today:

“Amy Coney Barrett is an originalist, whose record as a federal judge suggests she accurately decides cases in accordance with the Constitution. There is no right to abortion in the Constitution. Her addition to the Supreme Court would give pro-life Americans hope that Roe v. Wade will finally be overturned, with the right to life extended to preborn babies. We call on the Senate to give Barrett a fair hearing and vote in favor of her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.”

News Outlet:

In 2020, Preborn Lives Are on the Line: We Have a Duty To Vote Accordingly

“The fight for life is obviously a cultural battle. To protect preborn lives, we need more than pro-life executive action and courageous court nominations. We need a political culture that supports the right to life and refuses to encourage pro-abortion activism.”

News Outlet:

‘Greater level of desperation’: As COVID-19 rages, pregnancy centers see surge in demand

“Human Coalition, a national pro-life organization, is one of the first places women may find in an online search about a crisis pregnancy. When the virus hit, the organization transformed seven brick and mortar offices into tele-medicine centers. The coalition recorded a 48% increase in call volume and a 25% increase in clients since the pandemic began. Services include medical assessments with nurses, counseling sessions, material provisions like diapers, adoption guidance, job training and childcare classes.”

News Outlet:

Human Coalition requests Gov. Cooper shut down, investigate Planned Parenthood clinics

“Rev. Dean Nelson, an African American minister and executive director for Human Coalition Action, has sent a letter to Gov. Roy Cooper asking him to fight racism and temporarily close all nine Planned Parenthood clinics in the state.

‘Governor Cooper, it’s time to reckon with the white supremacist legacy and racist reality of Planned Parenthood,’ writes Nelson in the July 28 letter. ‘We ask you to close the nine Planned Parenthood clinics in your state while an official investigation of its practices to determine if they target Black women is implemented.'”

News Outlet:

Pro-Life protesters arrested for writing ‘Black Pre-Born Lives Matter’ on sidewalk

“While we affirm the human dignity of all people, this type of discrimination against those who are standing for pre-born black lives needs to call attention to the hypocrisy in DC government and many city governments around the country.”

News Outlet:

D.C. police stop ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ street painting, arrest two protesters

“Police stopped pro-life groups Saturday from painting “Black Preborn Lives Matter” on the street in front of a Washington, D.C., Planned Parenthood clinic and subsequently arrested two for writing the message in chalk on a sidewalk, even though the activists said they had the District government’s permission for the street painting.”

Heartbeat Laws Protect Human Dignity; the Recent Court Decision Against Georgia’s Law Does Not

“Heartbeat laws aren’t primarily about “restricting” women; they are first and foremost about putting the inherent human dignity of the unborn into law. That means heartbeat laws are about recognizing and protecting the rights of the unborn. Every human being possesses the right to life, whether born or unborn. We have a moral imperative to protect, cherish, and nurture human life at every stage. Heartbeat laws take that moral imperative and put it into law.”

News Outlet:

Requests to online abortion pill mill go up

“They have a sense of urgency that is causing them to want to get in somewhere as quickly as possible,” Lori Szala, national director of client services for the Human Coalition, said in March. “The main concern that we’re seeing across the board is that they’re concerned about being able to pay for their existing children.”

News Outlet: World.Wng.Org

Planned Parenthood wrestles with founder Margaret Sanger’s views

NYC clinic to remove Margaret Sanger’s name because of her ‘harmful connections to the eugenics movement’; reaction from Benjamin Watson, Human Coalition Advisory Board member, and Rev. Dean Nelson, Executive Director of Human Coalition Action.

News Outlet:

NY Planned Parenthood Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name from Clinic Over ‘Harmful Connections’

Rev. Dean Nelson, executive director of the Human Coalition Action and a black pastor, told Fox News Planned Parenthood’s decision to distance itself from Sanger is “long overdue” and demanded more action to be taken.

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How Abortions Amplify the Coronavirus Mental Health Crisis

“Abortion is a trauma, and the emotions involved with trauma can be triggered by future pregnancies. It is critical in this time of stress, grief, and increased physical health risks that our country’s leadership support laws that ease the burden of mental health issues among women.”

America must confront the systemic racism of abortion

“Abortion is an evil that, like racism, attacks the dignity of the human being. And abortion, like segregation and police violence, disproportionately impacts Black communities.”

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SCOTUS Ruling Places Women in Harm’s Way

“If the last several months have taught us anything, it’s that human life is precious, valuable and worth fighting for. I hope and pray that our nation’s eyes will be opened to the crisis of human dignity we face, and will begin taking every measure to safeguard life.”

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Commentary: Women, You Are Strong Enough to Be Pregnant During Coronavirus

“You will get through these challenges, and you can hold your sweet, healthy baby at the end of it.”

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Both Sides in the Abortion Battle See Changes Wrought by Coronavirus Pandemic

“The war over abortion hasn’t ceased because of the ongoing pandemic. While it’s brought new challenges to abortion opponents, it’s also provided opportunities to save more babies.”

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I’m an ER Physician. Here’s Why Abortion Isn’t an ‘Essential Health Service’.

“As a physician who deals with death daily in the ER, I can say that death of any kind is horrific. I believe we can and must protect the lives of both the young and the old, and this includes protecting preborn human life.” – Dr. Scott French

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Gov. Cuomo, Babies at Risk of Abortion Deserve Same Protection as People at Risk of COVID-19

The New York governor says all life is precious, but has he forgotten the lives of preborn children?

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Why Christians Should Be Pro-Life at the Polls

The national media and many politicians are quick to frame abortion as a binary and partisan voting issue. This is simply not the case.

The data is clear: voter sentiment toward abortion is not confined to party lines.

Human Coalition Statement on Supreme Court June Medical Services Opening Arguments

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Contact: Courtney Price

Human Coalition Statement on Supreme Court June Medical Services Opening Arguments

DALLAS, TX – Human Coalition Action Executive Director Rev. Dean Nelson today released the following statement urging the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in favor of the state of Louisiana in the June Medical Services v. Russo case.

How One Pro-life Org is Harnessing the Internet to Save Countless Babies From Abortion

Human Coalition president, Brian Fisher explains how over 14,500 babies have been rescued from abortion.

News Outlet: LifeSite News

Human Coalition Speaking at ProLifeCon 2020 – Digital Action Summit

Chris Baggett, Vice President of Development speaks about what Human Coalition is doing to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable and shares ways that anyone can tangibly join the movement.

How to End Abortion In Our Lifetime | Brian Fisher on Wisdom & Grit

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher joins Wisdom & Grit host Cory Huddleston to discuss abortion and current events.

What Can I Do?

Abortion is the leading cause of death in America. But so often, pro-life advocates don’t know what they can actually do to end it. In this episode, Brian Fisher provides a ten-step blueprint for how YOU can help end abortion.

News Outlet: The Human Element

A Cog In Planned Parenthood’s Machine

ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) was once just an association of women’s health care providers. Today, they play an active role in propping up and lending legitimacy to the industry carrying out the leading cause of death in America.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Clash Of The Titanic Worldviews

Every single person has a worldview, and everyone’s worldview is rooted in theology – whether we realize it or not. Do we believe in a Creator who loved us into existence, or have we deified our own selves? Our view of divinity informs whether we view abortion as abhorrent, or as a personal right. 

News Outlet: The Human Element

Hippocrates Is Dead

What happened to Hippocratic medicine? The American Medical Association was once the premier association of doctors. Today, it is a massive lobbying arm that serves as an ally of the abortion industry on a regular basis.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Abortion Is A Men’s Issue

Now more than ever, men are receiving mixed messages about their role in society and their duty toward those entrusted to them. We consider the responsibilities men should have regarding abortion, and how their role affects the abortion landscape.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Unveiling Big Abortion’s Real Agenda

Has the abortion lobby overplayed its hand? Recent polls show that only 18% of Americans believe abortion should be legal and free for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy. The question is, will America reject this proposal or gradually fall in line with the new status quo?

News Outlet: The Human Element

Wake Up And Smell The Culture

With millions of practicing Christians in America, how do we fail to end abortion year after year? Brian Fisher posits that it’s because Christians prioritize most everything else over rescuing children from the abortion genocide. Can we continue to excuse our own willful ignorance? 

News Outlet: The Human Element

Show Me The Money

Abortion kills 1 million children each year, but the pro-life movement receives only a fraction of 1% of America’s charitable giving. What do these numbers reveal about America’s commitment to ending abortion?

News Outlet: The Human Element

Liberty Roundtable With Sam Bushman

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez talks with Liberty Roundtable’s Sam Bushman about the latest in pro-life news.

News Outlet: Liberty Roundtable

Pro-Life Organization’s Mobile Care Clinic Vandalized After Pro-Abortion Group Calls It ‘Anti-Abortion Trickery’

A Human Coalition mobile care clinic was vandalized last week after criticism from a pro-abortion webinar.

News Outlet: Live Action News

The Alabama Abortion Ban

Alabama’s abortion ban is the first total abortion ban signed into law by a governor. The stakes are high: Will the law be taken up as a challenge to Roe v. Wade? Learn more on this week’s episode.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Steve Noble Show

Human Coalition rescues children and serves families around the states. Executive Director, Amber Lehman and National Director, Lori Szala join us today to give an insight into their mission. Plus the incredible first-hand story of Serena and her young baby boy.

See Their Humanity

Seeing is believing. Modern human rights campaigns have been well served by showing large numbers of people what is happening to oppressed people groups. Pro-lifers can make a strong case for their position just by exposing the injustice of abortion and revealing the humanity of its victims.

News Outlet: The Human Element

‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bills Advance in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana

“This is a historic day for Georgia,” added Catherine Davis of the pro-life organization, Human Coalition following the momentous occasion. “This is a day that many of us who have been in the pro-life fight for years and years and years didn’t really think it would be possible, in light of the politics of the issue.”

News Outlet: Christian Headlines

Pro-Life Bills Advance, Seek To Close Loopholes

Brian Fisher, president of the pro-life Human Coalition, tweeted April 10 about the bill: “In my experience, many women get abortions out of fear, coercion, misinformation, or desperate circumstances. Women need compassionate and immediate care, not jail.”

News Outlet: Texan Online

Worldview And Abortion

It’s crucial for us to recognize the fundamental differences between worldviews held by pro-abortion and pro-life advocates. In this episode, we lay out those differences and empower you to defend the pro-life position winsomely.

News Outlet: The Human Element

How One of America’s Largest Black Denominations Is Campaigning Against Abortion

Through its Family Life Campaign launched in 2015, COGIC is partnering with Human Coalition, a nationwide network of pro-life crisis pregnancy clinics, to reach and serve African-American women who would have otherwise “walked in the doors of Planned Parenthood” or another abortion clinic.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

African-American Leaders Respond to Planned Parenthood in Charlotte

“Planned Parenthood has a long and well-documented history of targeting minority populations,” Dean Nelson, DLI chairman and national outreach director for the Human Coalition, told The Western Journal via email. “This agenda goes back to Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, whose life’s work was to eradicate all individuals and groups she considered ‘unfit’ to live.”

News Outlet: National Sentinel

Spin Doctors

Can you spot a spin? The abortion industry and its complicit media allies have mastered the art of spinning news stories to obscure the humanity of preborn children and sell the lie that abortion is a social good. In this episode, we provide tools for spotting and seeing right through the media spin.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Statement From Faith Leaders Regarding Special Day of Prayer

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher joins many other leaders in signing the statement.

Lib CEOs: Abortion is Good for Business

“These CEOs and their abortionist allies are perpetuating the type of anti-woman, anti-fertility mindset that resulted in women fired for being pregnant fifty years ago. The pro-abortion corporate culture effectively demands women give up motherhood and acts as if pregnancy is a disease.”

News Outlet: 2nd Vote

Reese Witherspoon Goes All-In On Abortion With Condescending Tweet; Conservatives Respond

In response to Reese Witherspoon’s pro-abortion comments, “This woman of Texas says nah girl I’m good. You can stay in Hollywood and leave southern women alone,” Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez wrote.

News Outlet: The Daily Wire

Black Leaders Accuse Planned Parenthood of Deceiving Residents To Infiltrate Neighborhood

Planned Parenthood is infiltrating the Cherry Neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina. African-American leaders and advocates are speaking out.

News Outlet: The Western Journal

Unexpected Pregnancy Is Hard. We Should Be Helping.

Human Coalition’s Rev. Sean Martin encourages readers to confront the difficulties women face when they are in unexpected pregnancies and to rise to the occasion of serving them.

News Outlet: The Western Journal

The American Baby Code

Planned Parenthood pretends to stand for the freedom and autonomy of its clients. But at the core of its history is Margaret Sanger, a woman who spent her adult life trying to establish a ruling class to decide who could reproduce, how many children they could have, and who should be sterilized or segregated from society to prevent them from having children. Sanger’s American Baby Code is one example of this horrific plan.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Disturbing U.S. Population Control Agenda

The Office of Population Affairs (OPA) – part of the federal government – has a long and sordid history of population control efforts that many consider dehumanizing and unethical. Today, we examine the history and practices of the OPA.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Why Defund Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood relies on government funding to maintain its gargantuan operation. That funding comes from me and from you – and it’s going to Planned Parenthood to the tune of more than half a billion dollars, year after year, whether we like it or not.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Church Is Waking Up!

Human Coalition’s Rev. Sean Martin tells three inspiring stories of pro-life progress in the United States.

News Outlet: The Stream

Spin Doctors

On this episode of The Human Element, Brian Fisher discusses how the media spin abortion-related stories to dehumanize the preborn child and create narratives that don’t align with reality or ethics.

News Outlet: The Human Element

California May Send Someone to Prison for 7 Years for Dumping Puppies, No Crime to Kill Unborn Babies

Human Coalition’s Rev. Sean Martin writes about a California news story that reveals America’s cognitive dissonance when it comes to abortion.

News Outlet: LifeNews

North Carolina Reverses the Abortion Ban

Throughout the last few months, we’ve seen the abortion industry deliver several disheartening and sickening legislative blows to lessen the value of the preborn child.

News Outlet: Human Coalition

‘God Just Started Beating the Tar Out of Me’: How a Businessman Started America’s Largest Pro-Life Organization

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher did not want to start Human Coalition. But a series of events convinced him that it was God’s plan for him, and he obeyed.

News Outlet: The Stream

It’s the Weather: 40 Days for Life Kicks Off Its Largest Spring Campaign

Brian Fisher encouraged 40 Days for Life kickoff attendees, saying:

“We rescue, because we were rescued. We put ourselves in uncomfortable situations on sidewalks outside of abortion clinics, because God himself put himself in the most uncomfortable, terrible position in the history of mankind on the cross. We sacrifice time and energy to do this work because Jesus Christ made sacrifices that we can never make. We rescue because He rescued us.”

News Outlet: The Stream

Pro-Abortion, or Pro-Choice?

In recent years, the “pro-abortion” and “pro-choice” camps have grown further apart; now they are distinct groups. Learn more on this week’s episode of The Human Element.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Death And All Its Friends

Advocates of death in America aren’t satisfied with coming after our preborn children. They’re targeting infants, the terminally ill, and more.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Born Alive Bill Voted Down

In the last few months, we have seen brutal and fast-moving abortion agendas being rapidly deployed and unashamedly celebrated in various states. With each new strategy to squelch preborn – and now born – life, public outrage is growing in the pro-life community. Human Coalition President Brian Fisher comments.

News Outlet: YouTube

Infanticide: Chilling Thoughts From Virginia

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher comments: Virginia’s governor publicly stated that the legislation would allow a mother and doctor to decide whether to kill a newborn who had been born alive.

News Outlet: YouTube

Feelings, Facts, and Abortion

Infanticide and abortion have been hot topics so far in 2019. The debates over both remind us that we can’t let our emotions override our commitment to justice.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Pro-Life, Abortion, and the Culture of Death

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez joins Salt And Light for a year in review of pro-life efforts.

News Outlet: Salt And Light

Christian, Pro-Life, and Political?

Is it worthwhile for pro-life believers to engage in politics in a time when pro-life political progress can seem elusive and frustrating? Would it be better to sit out of the political process, or is there a reason to stay engaged? On this episode of The Human Element, we discuss.

News Outlet: The Human Element

After Ralph Northam, The ‘Bodily Autonomy’ Argument For Abortion Is Shot

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez explains why the new debate over infanticide has crippled the “bodily autonomy” justification for abortion.

News Outlet: The Federalist

Black Conservatives?

Human Coalition’s Rev. Dean Nelson joins Steve Noble to chat about being a Black, pro-life conservative.

What If They Were Toddlers?

If 3,000 toddlers were violently killed every day in America, what would our response be? Would it be different from our response to the reality that 3,000 children are being violently killed each day in America through abortion? If so, why?

News Outlet: The Human Element

Reach, Rescue, Restore

We know the abortion industry seeks and deceives its clients, kills their children, and sends them home empty and broken – both physically and spiritually. This week, Brian discusses the strategy of counteracting the dehumanizing efforts of the abortion industry by reaching, rescuing, and restoring women and families.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Christian Pastors: We Can No Longer Abide Complacency About Abortion

Human Coalition’s Rev. Sean Martin is joined by Christian leaders Pastor J.D. Greear and Bishop Patrick Wooden to call on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to rescue children and pregnant women from the abortion genocide in America.

News Outlet: CBN Online

Letter to Trump: Declare Abortion of Human Babies a National Crisis

Human Coalition signs onto a letter asking the President to declare a state of emergency for victims of the abortion genocide.

News Outlet: Newsmax

If the Unborn Were Toddlers, We Wouldn’t Tolerate Abortion

Human Coalition’s Brian Fisher and Lauren Enriquez ask: If America were killing thousands of toddlers every day, would it bother us more than abortion does?

News Outlet: The Daily Signal

Here’s How The Trump Administration Can Fulfill Its Pro-Life Promise

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez discusses the role of HHS in impacting the abortion genocide in America.

News Outlet: The Federalist

Black ‘Genocide’: Christian Leaders Call on HHS To Abolish Office of Population Affairs

Human Coalition’s Rev. Dean Nelson helped launch the first ever Sudden Uprising Leadership Summit aimed at educating and activating African-American pro-life leaders after the March for Life in January. Christian Posts’s Samuel Smith covered the event.

News Outlet: Christian Post

HHS Could Change The Abortion Landscape

Congress is not the only government power that can impact the trajectory of abortion in America. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has profound power to transform the abortion landscape. In this episode of The Human Element, Brian discusses what HHS is, what they can do to end abortion, and proposes five key questions for pro-lifers to ask HHS Secretary, Alex Azar.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Rescue Requires Sacrifice

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez discusses the sacrifice required to be engaged in the pro-life movement.

News Outlet: The Stream

When Christians Betray The Preborn

The battle over abortion is between good and evil. Recent news that an Episcopal priest has taken charge of a large association of professional abortion providers reminds us that our individual decisions, not our group identity, determine on whose side we truly fight.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Evolving Abortion Apologetic

Abortion advocates don’t have a sound, rational basis for their position. As a result, their defense of abortion constantly evolves. In this episode, Brian lays out how the abortion apologetic has evolved over time and illustrates why no argument for abortion has held up permanently.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Human Coalition: Using Metrics, Marketing, And Big Data To End Abortion In Our Lifetime

Southern Baptist Texan’s Rob Collingsworth gives readers a glimpse into the work of Human Coalition. “Our desire now and our mission is to become the national competitor to Planned Parenthood. And to win.” In 2010, 15 babies were rescued. In 2018, that number was over 3,000. “But the goal is to rescue 3,000 a day, not a year, and that’s where we’re headed.” -Brian Fisher

Rev. Dean Nelson on God’s Learning Channel

Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Rev. Dean Nelson, joins Amy Cooper of God’s Learning Channel for a 2-hour special that will be live-streamed on December 11 at 8 p.m. CST.

The Human Element: Abortion As Self-Harm

Abortion is usually sought out of desperation. It kills an innocent child and harms the mother – sometimes permanently. 

News Outlet: The Human Element

Abortion Apologist Has Habit of Ignoring Basic Science

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez speaks with One News Now about a new talking point being deployed by abortion advocates.

News Outlet: One News Now

Rev. Dean Nelson Speaks With Lonnie Poindexter

Human Coalition’s Rev. Dean Nelson joins Lonnie Poindexter to discuss the important role of Christians in the political process.

News Outlet: Lion Chasers

America, Defend Life

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez writes about how America’s pro-life legacy is compromised by legal abortion.

News Outlet: The Stream

A Response to Christians Who Support Abortion Rights

When we begin to make excuses for why preborn children do not have the same rights as birthed children, we are playing God. So, I ask you to consider that the preborn should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – regardless of their gender, disability, life situation, or stage in the womb – because all life is sacred and precious to God.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Abortion By The Numbers

Pro-life advocates need to know where to turn for accurate information regarding abortion numbers. We also need to know several key abortion statistics in order to convey the gravity of the abortion genocide. In this episode, we discuss where to find accurate abortion reporting data, and some of the limitations of abortion statistics in the U.S.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Trump Applauded For Defending Dignity Of Down Babies

Human Coalition joins Charlie Butts to discuss discrimination against children with Down syndrome. President Trump’s statement for Down Syndrome Awareness Month is a beautiful testament of solidarity with these individuals.

News Outlet: One News Now

Brian Fisher Joins All Things Epic Radio Show

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher sits down with the guys at All Things Epic to discuss the rescue system Human Coalition is building to rescue children from abortion.

News Outlet: All Things Epic

Is America Pro-Life?

When we ask the question, “Is America Pro-Life,” we must look at Congress and ask, “Does Congress accurately represent the views of the American people?”

That’s the topic of this week’s episode of The Human Element Show.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Abortion and the American Church

To turn the tide on the abortion genocide, Christians must first own it as our responsibility. Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez discusses.

News Outlet: The Stream

Stacy On The Right: Pro-Lifers Should See The Gosnell Movie

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez discusses the Gosnell Movie.

News Outlet: Stacy On The Right

Abortion And The Hippocratic Oath

For centuries, the Hippocratic Oath was revered as the standard for ethical medical practice. Today, however, it is rarely used. In fact, intentionally terminating life is now seen as an ethical medical practice in some cases. Is the Hippocratic Oath still relevant in 2018?

News Outlet: The Human Element

Amazing: Pro-life organization has rescued 10,000 babies from abortion

Live Action’s Anna Reynolds writes about Human Coalition’s rescue of ten thousand children from abortion.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Human Trafficking and Abortion

Human Coalition’s Lori Szala joins Texas Scorecard Radio to discuss the connection between human trafficking and abortion.

News Outlet: Texas Scorecard

Rescue Requires Sacrifice

As humans and believers, we are entrusted with the responsibility to rescue innocent humans from death and destruction. Rescue always requires sacrifice. We cannot rescue the oppressed without giving up something – our time, our pride, our treasure. In this episode, we examine the selflessness of rescuers, and the responsibility we all have to intervene when we’re made aware of injustice – regardless of the cost to self.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Pence, Conservative Leaders Urge Activists to ‘Surpass the Energy of the American Left’

“Christians should take a measured, thoughtful and prayerful approach going into these issues,” said Dean Nelson.

Rev. Nelson is the National Outreach Director at Human Coalition and the Chairman of the Douglass Leadership Institute.

News Outlet: The Stream

Nonprofit Worker: We Are Not Called to Be Saviors

“God doesn’t ask us to save people, in fact he makes it clear that He is the savior. He calls us instead to draw people closer to Him.”

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Gosnell’s House of Horrors

Gosnell’s case highlights the schizophrenia of the American abortion movement. Had Gosnell stuck to butchering only children still inside the womb, he wouldn’t be in prison today. It’s time to wake up and recognize the horrors of killing preborn children in ANY context.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Women and Children First: The Missing Rescue System

How is it possible that “wanted” preborn children, along with all other American population groups, have access to abundant rescue systems, yet “unwanted” preborn children have no such access? And how do we as a nation accept that this same population is legally targeted by a multi-billion-dollar abortion industry?

America, Defend Life

America’s founding philosophy and documents are rife with the pro-life worldview. Abortion is antithetical to everything America stands for as a nation; but if we do not act, America will lose her identity. What does the Brett Kavanaugh saga say about the direction of America?

News Outlet: The Human Element

Rev. Dean Nelson Comments on Dallas Abortion Billboards

Stacy Washington interviews Rev. Dean Nelson about controversial pro-abortion billboards that have recently been erected in Dallas.

News Outlet: Stacy On The Right

The Silence Of The Church

The Church’s role in ending the abortion genocide cannot be overstated. If Judeo-Christian believers were to engage in the pro-life movement on a larger scale, they could usher in an immediate end to abortion. Today we discuss why the Church holds back and why this must change.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Prayer Warriors ‘Over The Moon’ After Abortion Clinic Closes

“Human Coalition helps women make appointments to visit the Mulier Care mobile unit where they can receive a variety of free services.”

10 Examples of Social Media Censorship

Brian Fisher shares Human Coalition’s experiences with Twitter and Apple.

News Outlet: WND

The Human Element: Late-Term Abortion

Abortion is legal in the United States for any reason and during all nine months of pregnancy – even the second half of a pregnancy when babies are fully developed and can feel pain. Today, Brian describes the procedures used to kill children later in a pregnancy, and how this topic can help us find common ground with those friends who support abortion.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Ultimate Exploitation of Women

Brian Fisher discusses the role of men in ending the abortion genocide.

News Outlet: Generations Podcast

Brian Fisher and Kira Schlesinger – Two Perspectives on Abortion

Brian Fisher defends the Christian mandate to rescue the oppressed by ending abortion.

News Outlet: Think Orphan

Chelsea Clinton, Stop Putting Price Tags On The Lives Of Children

Chelsea Clinton gets schooled by pro-lifers who call out her bad economics and immoral prioritization in claiming that abortion is good for the economy.

The Horror of Abortion

In this episode, we take a sober and realistic look at the methods used to kill preborn children through abortion. Each is horrifying and inhuman. But we must confront this reality as we work to end abortion in our lifetime.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Brian Fisher and Kira Schlesinger – Two Perspectives on Abortion

Human Coalition’s Brian Fisher joins the Think Orphan podcast to discuss the Christian rationale for opposing abortion. Later in the episode, an Episcopal priest defends abortion.

News Outlet: Think Orphan

The Human Element: Abolition and The Pro-Life Movement

Rev. Dean Nelson joins Brian to explain how heroic abolitionists strategized and worked together to end slavery. Rev. Nelson also shares what the pro-life movement can learn from the success of the abolitionists.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Dear HHS: Every Day Planned Parenthood Is Funded, More Babies Will Die

“Human Coalition is grateful to President Trump and Vice President Pence for their pro-life leadership,” said Lauren Enriquez, the public relations manager for Human Coalition. “We continue to pray for firm pro-life action at HHS, which holds great power to speed up the rescue of America’s preborn children. We look with hope toward the day when abortion is unthinkable and unavailable, and we will continue to encourage pro-life progress wherever we can.”

News Outlet: Live Action News

The Human Element: Slavery And Abortion

Slavery and abortion both dehumanize their victims. Both are sustained by egregious justifications for abusing and killing innocent humans. Today, Brian examines a handful of justifications that were used for slavery and are used today for abortion.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: Killing Off Minorities

There is a targeted genocide occurring today, and its weapon of mass destruction is abortion. The African-American community is the most highly targeted people group in this genocide, and its past time for America to end it. 

News Outlet: The Human Element

Texas Scorecard Radio

Brian Fisher joins Tony McDonald to discuss the work Human Coalition is doing in Texas.

News Outlet: Empower Texans

Twitter Denies It ‘Shadow Bans’ Conservatives

Twitter denies that it shadow bans conservatives, but it has not corrected its policies or actions in regards to hiding and censoring pro-life posts and users.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

The Human Element: Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade was a catastrophic Supreme Court decision that precipitated the deaths of over 60 million U.S. children to date. For the first time since 1973, the Supreme Court may be poised to overturn the decision. What was Roe v. Wade, and what would overturning it mean? 

News Outlet: The Human Element

Yes, Kavanaugh Should Overturn Roe v. Wade

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher affirms that pro-lifers want President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to help overturn Roe v. Wade.

News Outlet: The Daily Caller

The Human Element: Pro-Life Logic 101

At some point, virtually every pro-life advocate will find themselves called to defend the pro-life position. Sometimes inquirers are genuinely curious, and other times they’re combative. The good news is that defending life is easy if you know a few principles of logical debate and some key arguments against abortion.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Tomi Lahren’s Perverse Obsession With Death

Media pundit Tomi Lahren claims to be a “pro-choice” conservative. Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez breaks down why that’s a tenuous position and calls out Lahren for her illogical criticism of pro-lifers.

News Outlet: Crisis Magazine

The Human Element: Sex Trafficking And Abortion

Sex slavery is real and rampant in the United States and across the world. As leaders and activists strategize solutions for ending it, we must ensure that the abortion industry’s role in aiding pimps is exposed and condemned.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Popular Christian Author Says Her Views on Abortion are ‘Ever-Evolving’ – How Pro-Lifers Are Responding

Rev. Dean Nelson, National Outreach Director at Human Coalition and Chairman of the Douglass Leadership Institute, says of Christians who defend abortion for racial minorities: “In places like New York City, where Roe is fully enshrined, the racial targeting is so rampant that more African-American children are aborted than born. No person who truly values racial equality thinks these are good statistics.”

News Outlet: CBN

The Human Element: Plan B, A Drug That Kills

Plan B is the brand name of a popular hormonal so-called “emergency contraception.” But it’s not just a contraceptive; it has the capacity to end human lives and harm women’s bodies.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Narrow Decision Secures Pregnancy Centers’ Free Speech Rights for Now

Rev. Dean Nelson tells the little-known, decade-long back story of the NIFLA v. Becerra case. California’s FACT Act wasn’t a one-off piece of state legislation, but the culmination of a ten-year strategy by the abortion lobby to target and destroy pro-life options in urban minority communities across the country.

Two Hundred Years Later, Frederick Douglass Teaches Us That Fatherhood Still Matters

Rev. Dean Nelson, National Outreach Director at Human Coalition and Chairman of the Douglass Leadership Institute, shares the legacy of Frederick Douglass with men and fathers today.

The Human Element: Planned Parenthood Aids Abusers

For decades, Planned Parenthood has aided sexual predators by refusing to report the suspected or known abuse of young girls. Planned Parenthood is where rapists go to dispose of the evidence of their chilling crimes, so they can continue preying on their victims. Instead of reporting, Planned Parenthood looks the other way time and again. We must say #TimesUp to Planned Parenthood.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: Fathers Matter

Why does fatherhood matter? New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson and Brian Fisher exchange thoughts in this special Father’s Day edition of ‘The Human Element Show.’

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: #MeToo and Abortion

Sexual abuse is endemic across multiple industries, and the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are exposing long-hidden stories to the light of day. But as long as the abortion industry maintains its influence among powerful men, we are unlikely to see the change our culture needs.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Part 2: Rhetoric, And The Power It Holds On The Abortion Debate

Human Defense Initiative’s Reagan Colbert writes about how rhetoric is used and abused within the abortion debate.

The Human Element: The Rescue System

We know that Planned Parenthood and its ilk profit from killing our children, thanks to a massive industry designed to sell a culture of death. But what about a system designed to protect and rescue those children? Today, we’ll talk about who the abortion-seeking woman is, what she needs, and how we can serve her through our pro-life rescue system.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Our Elected Officials Fail to Uphold Life Because We Let Them

Rev. Sean Martin writes that we should all commit to elect government representatives who will not just be nominally pro-life, but who will passionate fight to defend the preborn through strong pro-life legislation.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Rhetoric, And The Power It Holds On The Abortion Debate

Human Defense Initiative’s Reagan Colbert discusses the power of rhetoric in the debate over abortion.

Human Coalition: Saving Babies Through Compassionate Care

The millenial-run Human Defense Initiative profiles the work of Human Coalition.

The Human Element: The Kingpin Of The Abortion Industry

Planned Parenthood is the kingpin of the abortion industry. The org’s profit-driven model is all about abortionand Planned Parenthood’s lobbying, marketing, and cultural prowess keep the rest of the abortion industry from crashing down.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Ireland: Don’t Sacrifice Your Faith on the Altar of Abortion

Human Coalition’s Rev. Sean Martin calls out religious leaders who have failed to defend justice as Ireland’s referendum on the 8th Amendment approaches.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Down Syndrome Abortion Bans and Hollow Victories

Human Coalition’s National Director of Church Outreach, Rev. Sean Martin, shares insight as the father of nine children with special needs diagnoses.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

The Human Element: Birth Control, Part III

Does contraceptive use reduce the abortion rate? Brian Fisher breaks down the answer.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Brian Fisher on The Next Level

Human Coalition President and Co-Founder Brian Fisher joins Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons of The Next Level show to discuss how Human Coalition’s founding team applied business practices to reap abundant success in the pro-life nonprofit space.

News Outlet: The Next Level

Human Coalition Signs Letter Telling Congress to Plug Major Planned Parenthood Funding Stream

Human Coalition joins dozens of other prominent pro-life organizations to tell Congress to plug Planned Parenthood’s second-largest stream of taxpayer funding by returning to Reagan-era Title X regulations.

“Reinstating President Ronald Reagan’s Title X regulations is sorely needed to bring the program into clear alignment with the statutory requirement stating, “None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.” Abortion is not family planning and the law recognizes that.”

News Outlet: SBA List

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez joins Catherine Szeltner to discuss how the abortion industry’s presence in Texas slows progress toward better women’s healthcare.

News Outlet: EWTN News Nightly

The Human Element: Birth Control, Part II

In the second installment of this 3-part series, Brian Fisher interviews the founder of FEMM, Anna Halpine, about making progress with women’s health in a contraception-saturated culture. Anna explains how fertility awareness is shaking up the conversation about women’s health.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Twitter Tries to Suspend Pro-Life Advertisements

Twitter has a history of barring Human Coalition from running non-graphic, factual paid posts on its platform.

News Outlet: The Alabama Baptist

The Human Element: Birth Control, Part I

Pro-lifers often hesitate to discuss birth control candidly, but Brian Fisher bucks the status quo by tackling this topic head-on. This is the first installment of a 3-part series which ultimately seeks to address whether or not contraceptive use reduces the abortion rate.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center Becomes a Human Coalition Women’s Care Clinic

Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center joins the Human Coalition family as the second Human Coalition women’s care clinic in the city of Atlanta.

News Outlet: Human Coalition

The Human Element: Abortion As Industry

Abortion is a profitable industry, and Planned Parenthood is the industry’s kingpin. Learn how to see through the marketing rhetoric to see Big Abortion for what it is: A business model organized around profit.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: Life is Beautiful

Brian Fisher explores the profound beauty and exceptionalism of human life.

News Outlet: The Human Element

LISTEN: The Egora Podcast

In Episode 9, Jordan Brown interviews Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez about abortion statistics, her pro-life testimony, and the work of Human Coalition.

News Outlet: The Egora Podcast

The Human Element: Love Them Both

Do pro-life advocates “only care about the baby” and not the woman? Brian Fisher lays out how the pro-life movement loves them both.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: Is America Pro-Life?

Is America pro-life? Yes and no. Listen as Brian discusses the convictions of the American public and what we can do to continue to influence public opinion on abortion.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: Pro-Life Lite

Brian discusses what it means to be “pro-life lite,” and how we can become genuine pro-life advocates.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Grassroots Church Focuses on Making Abortion Unthinkable, Unavailable in Black Community

Human Coalition is honored to work alongside the Church of God in Christ via a 3-year partnership focused on ending abortion in the Black community and activating Christians in the fight for human rights.

News Outlet: LifeSite News

Twitter Restricts Pro-life Advertisements Again, Backtracks Amid Media Scrutiny

Twitter is suppressing Human Coalition from running pro-life advertisements.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Twitter Suspends Pro-Life Group From Running Ads Then Reverses Decision After Media Inquiry

Human Coalition was recently banned from running advertisements on Twitter, with the social media giant claiming our content is “offensive.” However, two hours after Peter Hasson at The Daily Caller News Foundation contacted Twitter for a statement on the move, the ban was lifted.

News Outlet: The Daily Caller

COGIC Mission: Make Abortion Unthinkable, Unavailable

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is the largest African-American Christian denomination in the United States and has partnered with Human Coalition to strengthen its commitment to pro-life values, including adopting children who may otherwise be aborted. In an interview with One News Now, COGIC Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr., explains his community’s commitment to ending the scourge of abortion.

News Outlet: One News Now

The Human Element: Abortion as Racism

Brian Fisher discusses the use of abortion as a destructive tool of racism and eugenics.

News Outlet: The Human Element

The Human Element: Abortion As Genocide

In Human Coalition’s new broadcast, The Human Element, Brian Fisher breaks down the stages of genocide and demonstrates how abortion is by definition a devastating genocide.

News Outlet: The Human Element

Twitter Continues Attack On Pro-Life Ads, Censors Truth About Abortion

Live Action News’ Anna Reynolds discusses Twitter’s ongoing suppression of pro-life voices – this time directed at Human Coalition.

News Outlet: Live Action News

New Film Shows Adoption As A Journey Of Thanks

Kerri Toloczko discusses the new film, “I Lived On Parker Avenue,” a documentary about a young man who meets his biological parents for the first time after being adopted at birth.

News Outlet: Townhall

LISTEN: The Human Element: ‘Abortion as Genocide’

Live Action News’ Cassy Fiano recaps Episode One of The Human Element With Brian Fisher, Human Coalition’s brand new broadcast. In Episode One, Brian discusses Abortion as Genocide.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Human Coalition Announces New Broadcast: “The Human Element”

Read about Human Coalition’s new, weekly broadcast, The Human Element With Brian Fisher.

News Outlet: LifeNews

WATCH: Rev. Dean Nelson on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Reverend Dean Nelson discusses the abortion genocide in the African-American community with Catherine Szeltner of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly.

News Outlet: EWTN News Nightly

97% of Pro-Life Group’s Clients Would Refer a Friend for Its Pregnancy Support Services

Human Coalition’s research finds that women at high risk to abort do not find compassionate, pro-life care to be off-putting or offensive.  In fact, they indicate a deep appreciation for such care – even if they still end up choosing abortion.

News Outlet: LifeNews

Rev. Dean Nelson Joins Brother Craig The Hatchet Man To Discuss Frederick Douglass

Rev. Dean Nelson serves as the National Outreach Director at Human Coalition and Chairman of the Board for The Frederick Douglass Foundation and The Douglass Leadership Institute (DLI).

News Outlet: SoundCloud

What You Need to Know About Frederick Douglass, America’s Abolitionist Prophet

Rev. Dean Nelson, Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, discusses the life and legacy of Frederick Douglass with The Stream’s Josh Shepherd.

News Outlet: The Stream

Brian Fisher Speaks to Wingmen Ministries

Brian Fisher discusses the urgency of ending the abortion genocide in America with attendees of Wingmen Ministries.

News Outlet: Wingmen on YouTube

Frederick Douglass: His Faith, His Family, Our Future

Rev. Nelson, Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, joins FRC to discuss the life and legacy of slavery abolitionist and human rights champion Frederick Douglass.

News Outlet: FRC

Dean Nelson Joins Lonnie Poindexter to Discuss Frederick Douglass

Rev. Dean Nelson joins Lonnie to discuss the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial.

News Outlet: Urban Family Talk

Brian Fisher On The Eric Metaxas Show

Human Coalition President and Co-Founder Brian Fisher joins Eric Metaxas to discuss the current state of the pro-life movement in America.

The Future of the Pro-Life Movement: Pregnancy Resource Centers and the Fight for Life

Brian Fisher joins a panel of pro-life leaders to discuss how pregnant and abortion-determined women are aided by the pro-life movement.

News Outlet: ERLC

12 Creative Ways to Be Pro-Life

“Online our messages often go out haphazardly to everyone. However, the Human Coalition has discovered how to target women who might consider abortion through search engine marketing. Lauren Enriquez explains, “Human Coalition is a technology-driven pro-life non-profit and our goal is to rescue children by extending compassionate care to their mothers.” They find these women online then give them individual help.”

News Outlet: Regnum Christi

Lauren Enriquez Joins The Salt And Light Podcast For A Pro-Life Conversation

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez joins Chuck and Annie Fulkerson of the Salt and Light podcast to discuss Human Coalition, the March for Life, and all things pro-life.

News Outlet: Salt and Light

Pro-Life Movement Honors Martin Luther King, Jr. When it Stands Against the Injustice of Abortion

“The pro-life movement continues to honor Dr. King’s legacy by standing against abortion, the greatest injustice in our nation today.”

News Outlet: LifeNews

Working Together To End Abortion With Brian Fisher

Human Coalition’s Brian Fisher joins Neil Stavem to discuss how we can work together to end abortion.

News Outlet: My Faith Radio

Brian Fisher’s Sermon For Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Human Coalition President and Co-Founder, Brian Fisher, speaks to Christ Community Church in Frisco on Amos 5:5’s call to seek justice by rescuing the oppressed.

Rev. Martin’s Sermon for Sanctity of Life Sunday

Pastor Sean Martin, Human Coalition’s National Director of Church Outreach, speaks to First Baptist Church of Weston, TX, about the dignity of human life.

Human Coalition Files Amicus Brief In Support of Pro-Life Centers in California

Human Coalition’s friend of the court brief for NIFLA v. Becerra.

News Outlet: SCOTUS

Rev. Dean Nelson Joins Tony Perkins for Washington Watch

“Rev. Dean Nelson, senior fellow for African American Affairs at Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall and National Outreach Director at Human Coalition, is here on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to discuss President Trump’s recent signing of bill making MLK’s birthplace a national historical park.”

Planned Parenthood Evolution Underway Thanks to Influx of Private Donors

“‘The medicalization of the [pregnancy-resource] centers needs to continue and become more deliberate,’ he said. Donovan pointed to efforts by Obria, NIFLA, Heartbeat International and the Human Coalition to increase their affiliates’ range of medical services.”

Kurt Kondrich Recaps His Experience At The March For Life

Senior Director of Advancement in Pittsburgh, Kurt Kondrich, recaps his experience at the 2017 March for Life ahead of the 2018 March.

News Outlet: Bible Chapel

Stacy On The Right: Pro-Life Update With Dean Nelson

Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, joins Urban Family Talk’s Stacy Washington to provide a pro-life update.

News Outlet: Stacy On The Right

African-American Leaders Slam Planned Parenthood’s Racial Abortion Agenda: “Quit Targeting Our Women”

Human Coalition and COGIC tell Planned Parenthood: We’re onto your racist ideology and we won’t be silent.

News Outlet: LifeNews

LISTEN: A Young Homeless Family Receives A Home

Human Coalition’s Amber Lehman shares the incredible story of how a young, homeless family was blessed by a generous heart with a fully-furnished home.

News Outlet: Called 2 Action

WATCH: Rescue Those Being Led To Slaughter

Brian Fisher shares the Scriptural mandate to rescue preborn children from abortion with the men of Lion’s Roar 2017.

WATCH: The Bradfords Share Their Story of Healing

The Bradfords share how bringing their abortion into the light allowed them to begin healing and minister to others.

News Outlet: The Village Church

PODCAST: Ending Abortion Using… the Internet?

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, explains how Human Coalition uses technology to rescue children and serve families.

News Outlet: Coffee With Creamer

Update: Apple Pulled Pro-Life App to “Ease Tension”

Apple may have told a user that it removed Human Coalition’s pro-life prayer app to “ease tension” between pro-lifers and abortion advocates.

News Outlet: 2nd Vote

WATCH: Abortion Is Still The Leading Cause of Death in America

Rev. Dean Nelson explains that, although abortion is legal, it is also legal to rescue children and serve families.

News Outlet: EWTN News Nightly

Their Unspoken, ‘Unforgivable’ Sin Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage — But Now It’s Saved Countless Lives

Human Coalition’s Vice President, Jeff Bradford, joins with his wife to share about the abortion early on in their relationship and the journey they have been on since.

News Outlet: Faithwire

California’s ‘Bully Bill’ Targeting Pro-Life Centers Heads to Supreme Court

NCR’s Joan Desmond interviews Human Coalition President Brian Fisher about the Supreme Court’s upcoming case regarding the freedom of the pregnancy resource center movement.

Apple Removes Christian Pro-Life Prayer App

Robert Cross explores new information that may shed light on Apple’s decision to remove Human Coalition’s prayer app.

News Outlet: Medium

Bishops And Pastors Gather at Missouri Planned Parenthood to Condemn Black Genocide

Reverend Dean Nelson tells Live Action’s Carole Novielli about his experience working with the Church of God in Christ to expose Planned Parenthood’s racism and genocidal practices.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Stacy On The Right

Human Coalition’s Dean Nelson discusses African-American activities to stand up to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s racist and discriminatory practices.

News Outlet: Stacy on the Right

LISTEN: African-American Christians Stand Up to Planned Parenthood in St. Louis

Rev. Dean Nelson, National Outreach Director at Human Coalition, joins the Hamilton Corner to highlight pro-life efforts of the Church of God in Christ and a Planned Parenthood protest in St. Louis.

Apple Removes Pro-Life Prayer App

World’s Samantha Gobba interviews Lauren Enriquez on Apple’s recent decision to remove Human Coalition’s pro-life app.

News Outlet: World Magazine

Apple’s Narrative For Removing App Possibly Not The Whole Truth

New information has come to light in the search for answers from Apple.

News Outlet: TechnoChops

Bi-Partisan Support For Resolution Opposing The Abortion Of Children With Down Syndrome

“October is Down syndrome Awareness Month, and it is time to end this prenatal genocide,” Kurt Kondrich said. “Individuals with Down syndrome shine a bright light that our lost culture desperately needs now more than ever!”

News Outlet: ACT Right to Life

The Abortion Industry Has a History of Exploiting Vulnerable Women

Brian Fisher discusses the abortion industry’s monopoly over vulnerable, abortion-seeking women. When will Congress and government agencies step up to say ‘enough is enough?’

News Outlet: LifeNews

Fox News: Apple Censored Pro-Life Group By Dropping App, Activists Say

“There is a growing trend in the U.S. to attempt to deter or silence Americans who oppose the fatal discrimination against preborn children,” Brian Fisher, Co-Founder and President of Human Coalition, told Fox News. “This move by Apple is not surprising, though it is a deep disappointment. Human Coalition remains committed to providing compassionate, loving care to women and their children even in the face of these challenges.”

News Outlet: Fox News

Dean Nelson On Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler

Dean Nelson, National Outreach Director at Human Coalition, joined Liz Wheeler to discuss Congress’ failure to defund Planned Parenthood and what next steps might be taken to extend care to underserved women targeted by the abortion industry.

News Outlet: OANN

Groups Ask President Trump To Appoint Pro-Life HHS Secretary

Human Coalition signed onto a coalition letter urging President Trump to elect a pro-life Secretary to the helm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

“Mr. President, we ask you to ignore the voices who argue that a so-called “moderate” candidate who does not share your views is capable of handling the responsibilities of a job that should be focused on real, effective healthcare rather than abortion. We ask that your choice for HHS Secretary be committed to affirming life.”

News Outlet: LifeNews

Chloe’s Law, Rights, Wrongs, And Abortion

Kurt Kendrich is the Director of Development at Human Coalition – Pittsburgh.

“Kurt Kondrich and his wife Margie were given very little support when, during her pregnancy, they were pressured to have the prenatal test for Down syndrome but refused. When they asked what their options were if the test came back positive, they were told they could decide if they wanted to keep the baby.”

Men Who Encourage Women To Get Abortions Aren’t Real Men

Jonathon Van Maren discusses the problem of men coercing abortions and how it dehumanizes the women and children involved.

News Outlet: LifeSite News

Liberty Roundtable Features Guest Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher, Co-Founder and President of Human Coalition, joins the Liberty Roundtable radio show. They discuss the role of Christians in ending the abortion holocaust.

News Outlet: Liberty Roundtable

Human Coalition Tackling Racism By Starting With Abortion

Brian Fisher speaks with Kim Ketola about the abortion industry’s racist roots and how Human Coalition is working to rescue children and serve families.

News Outlet: Cradle My Heart

Embrace, Don’t Erase

“When my daughter watches the evening news I’m sure she’s very disturbed at how disabled we are as a culture. And that is why we as a culture have chosen this path to eliminate a group of individuals that I would argue this world desperately needs during this time. We need human beings like Chloe, like all these individuals with Down syndrome, that bring love – unconditional love, purity, joy and light into a culture that desperately needs it.”

– Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development – Human Coalition

News Outlet: PA Family Council

Resolved: Down Syndrome Lives Matter

“Ms. Kondrich is a high school student with Down syndrome who accompanied her father to the State Capitol to urge support for the Senate resolution. Kurt Kondrich, Chloe’s dad, is Senior Director of Development for the Human Coalition. He answered Senator Martin’s question saying, “We need human beings like Chloe – they bring unconditional love and there is no malice in her.” Chloe is proof that Down syndrome lives matter too.”

When Abortion Activists Protest Giving Women Pregnancy Options You Know Pro-Lifers are Winning

Brian Fisher discusses unsuccessful efforts by the radical abortion lobby to stop Human Coalition’s work.

News Outlet: LifeNews

Countering a Culture of Death

In Episode 155, Steven Solomon welcomes Human Coalition Public Relations Manager Lauren Enriquez to discuss how Americans can end abortion in our lifetime.

Woman Courageously Shares The Truth: Mothers Do Regret Their Abortions

“Anne,” the woman in Human Coalition’s post, writes, “I looked like a very successful 73-year young woman on the outside.  I had done very well on my own.  But, deep inside of my successful life, there was a pain that wouldn’t go away caused by two abortions almost 50 years before.”  She explains that being abused in childhood made her extremely fearful that she would abuse her own children.  Once she began to heal these wounds left by abuse, she saw how unfounded her fears were and says “it is unfathomable that I ever felt that way.”

News Outlet: Texas Right to Life

The Pro-Choice Movement Should Denounce Forced Abortion

“In fact, the pro-abortion movement almost uniformly ignores the reality that coerced abortions take place. Frighteningly, many of the most virulently pro-abortion voices on the left actively claim that this type of coercion never takes place at all. Whatever happened to “her body, her choice”?”

Pandemic of Hate

As author Brian Fisher wrote: “If you consider yourself a person who’s concerned about racial reconciliation, you can’t possibly achieve that reconciliation until you deal directly, openly, and accurately with abortion’s bloody reign of terror on America and, in particular, its minority communities. Racism is alive and well in our country, and its primary weapon is abortion.”

NFL Great Tony Dungy Applauds Ben Watson for Calling Abortion ‘Ultimate Form of Racism’

Dungy says that Ben Watson’s position that abortion is racism is “the truth on a controversial issue.”

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Hidden Abuse of Women: Coerced Abortions

Human Coalition’s Colin LeCroy explores the little-known but widespread problem of coerced abortion.

Is Google Next to Include Christian Groups in List of ‘Hate’ Organizations?

“As SPLC has targeted individuals and groups who disagree with them, Reproaction also alerts readers about Human Coalition’s Brian Fisher[.]”

News Outlet: Faithwire

Tony Dungy Posts Pro-Life Message, And He Won’t Apologize For It

“In a post co-authored by Watson and Co-Founder and President of Human Coalition Brian Fisher, abortion’s racist and eugenic roots are discussed at length. For instance, Watson and Fisher note the overwhelming effect abortion has on black people in America: “Abortion disproportionately affects African Americans who account for approximately 12.6% of the U.S. population, but roughly 35% of all abortions,” says the post.”

News Outlet: The Daily Wire

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly: Major Companies Sponsor Abortion Lobby

EWTN’s Catherine Szeltner discusses how a protest against Human Coalition was part of a conference sponsored by corporate giants, including Facebook and Google.

News Outlet: EWTN

Report: Nearly All Women in Iceland Who Receive Down Syndrome Diagnosis Obtain Abortion

Human Coalition – Pittsburgh’s Kurt Kondrich tells the Christian News Network that aborting children with Down syndrome, “represents the ultimate, extreme form of eugenics, and there should be an international outcry to end this genocide against beautiful people who fill the world with unconditional love and genuine purity.”

Netroots Attendees Protest Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers In Atlanta

NPR’s Lisa Hagen was on the ground covering a protest of Human Coalition’s women’s care clinic in Downtown Atlanta. She reports on the vitriolic crowd as well as the peaceful pro-life demonstration that occurred a few blocks away.

News Outlet: NPR

Bring on the Protests, While We Continue to Save Lives

“The Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic opened it’s doors December of 2016 and Fishers says 180 babies have been saved since. Fisher says these measures are a desperate attempt by the abortion giants to stop centers making a dent in their bloody money making machine.”

News Outlet: TruNews

An Endless Battle Against Pro-Aborts’ Lies

Charlie Butts speaks to Human Coalition Co-Founder and President Brian Fisher about the abortion lobby’s futile efforts to stop and silence Human Coalition.

News Outlet: One News Now

Guest: Lauren Enriquez: Public Relations Manager for Human Coalition

Stacy Washington interviews Human Coalition about the abortion industry’s reaction to lost revenue and lost ground thanks to Human Coalition’s successful efforts to rescue over 6,800 children from abortion to date.

News Outlet: Urban Family Talk

Despite Deep-Pocketed Backing, Protest at Atlanta Pregnancy Clinic Fizzles

“Although the protest was promoted as an official event on Netroots Nation’s print and online schedule, just one out of every 200 conference’s attendees made the one-mile trek to protest the pro-life center, which offers free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, parenting classes and more.”

News Outlet: Pregnancy Help News

Report: Google Sponsors Protest Of Pro-Life, Christian Women’s Health Care Clinic

The Activist Mommy takes on the ideology that spurs individuals and corporations to attack pro-woman resources.
“We’re not talking about the type of ‘women’s clinic’ that should be protested, either. No, Google and Facebook have the audacity to fund an event attacking a pro-life women’s clinic.”

News Outlet: Activist Mommy

Google, Facebook Team up with Planned Parenthood to Sponsor Left-Wing Protest of Women’s Health Clinic

“In what is essentially the left’s version of CPAC, it is not surprising to see organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club listed as sponsors. It also comes as no surprise that a Planned Parenthood sponsored event would include a protest of a pro-life women’s healthcare clinic.” -2nd Vote

News Outlet: 2nd Vote

Abortion Groups Try to Shut Down Pregnancy Centers With Protests, Undercover Investigations

“Fisher said that abortion groups detest the fact that Women’s Care Clinic is so effective in saving lives. The clinic has saved 180 babies from abortion in the last eight months.”

News Outlet: LifeSite News

Facebook, Google Co-Sponsoring Protest of Women’s Clinic. For NOT Providing Abortions…

John Porter of Louder With Crowder highlights possible biases among corporate sponsors of an event that has taken a hard stand against pro-life women’s care.

News Outlet: Louder With Crowder

Google And Facebook Co-Sponsoring Protest Of Pro-Life Women’s Health Care Clinic

Peter Hasson explores sponsorship ties of a conference with a Human Coalition protest on its agenda.

News Outlet: The Daily Caller

Meeting The Needs Of Women Facing Crisis Pregnancies

Colin LeCroy joins Cullen Herout for Ready To Stand: Pro-Life Radio.

Feminist Meltdown Over Democratic Plan to Support Pro-Life Candidates: ‘Death of Women’

Lori Szala, National Director of Client Services at Human Coalition, is quoted, saying that it is “profoundly dehumanizing” to “reduce mothers and their children to mere economic objects.”

“Of course unplanned pregnancy presents challenges,” says Szala. “But it doesn’t have to lead to economic failure. Abortion is society’s easy way out — its way of avoiding grappling with the fundamental injustices driving women to abortion clinics.”

News Outlet: Breitbart

Sex Ed Programs Are Shockingly Ineffective

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, discusses a move by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to stop funding shockingly ineffective sex ed and teen pregnancy research programs, shifting focus toward sexual risk avoidance.

‘Human Coalition’ Helps Change Hearts of ‘Abortion-Determined’ Mothers

Joan Desmond of the National Catholic Register provides an inside look at the story behind Human Coalition and what drives staff to work day in and day out for the mission or the organization.

WORD FM Pittsburgh Interview – The ISSUE of our generation!

Human Coalition’s Kurt Kondrich talks about his work at Human Coalition and prioritizing abortion as THE issue to combat in our times.

News Outlet: WORD FM

Kennedy’s Not Retiring; What’s Next For Pro-Lifers?

Human Coalition Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, states that pro-life advocates “must not fall into the trap of reducing abortion to a problem that can be solved by laws alone.”

News Outlet: The Daily Caller

Pro-Lifers Are a Voice for Individuals With Down Syndrome

Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development and Human Coalition – Pittsburgh, talks to Pro-Life America about defending the dignity of individuals with Down syndrome.

News Outlet: PLACER Podcast

She Received Sub-Par Care at Planned Parenthood and Wants The Abortion Giant Defunded

The IJR shares Ally Bowlin’s story of sub-par treatment at Planned Parenthood and why many post-abortive women now want the abortion behemoth defunded.

Protect Them, Too

In a contribution to Trib Live, Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition – Pittsburgh, asks: “Don’t unborn children with Down syndrome deserve the same protection given to unborn turtles?”

News Outlet: Trib Live

Former Planned Parenthood Client: Defund Them. Now.

Amanda Prestigiacomo shares the story of Human Coalition’s Development Assistant, Ally Bowlin.

“The post-abortive mother now works at a pro-life nonprofit called Human Coalition where she can ‘use my past and my voice to be a voice for the children lost to get the Planned Parenthood monster defunded.'”

News Outlet: The Daily Wire

Sea Turtle Eggs And Preborn Children With Down syndrome – Both Endangered Species

Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition – Pittsburgh, highlights the plight of preborn humans diagnosed with Down syndrome.

News Outlet: Live Action News

I Had An Abortion And I Want Planned Parenthood Defunded

Human Coalition Development Assistant, Ally Bowlin, comments on efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. Ally brings a unique perspective as a post-abortive woman who received sub-par care from the abortion behemoth.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Why We Are Pro-Life

Pastor J.D. Greear encourages churches to express their pro-life values by supporting organizations supporting mothers and children, like Human Coalition.

News Outlet: Church Leaders

Letter to the Editor

Human Coalition’s Development Assistant, Ally Bowlin, wrote a letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News dispelling the Editorial Board’s spin on Planned Parenthood funding.

News Outlet: Dallas Morning News

Experts Say Men Are Also Haunted By Guilt and Regret Over Abortion

“Men often experience…harmful effects from abortion, whether they wanted the abortion or not. While abortion seems to bring a sense of relief, [men] also report feeling anxiety, grief, guilt, and powerlessness.” -Brian Fisher

News Outlet: The Christian Post

A Father’s Influence On The Choice For Life

Kim Wier of KSBJ’s Sunday Night Live interviews Human Coalition President, Brian Fisher, on the role men and fathers in ending abortion and protecting life.

News Outlet: KSBJ

Pro-Life Progressives? Why Not

Colin LeCroy refutes the ACLU’s lie that Human Coalition’s work prevents women from achieving economic stability.

HHS Department Appoints Pro-Life Valerie Huber to Prominent Position

On the appointment of Valerie Huber to Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary of Health at the Department of Health and Human Services, Human Coalition President Brian Fisher said: “Valerie Huber is a trusted friend and is a stalwart champion for sexual risk avoidance. We deeply respect her work and are excited with her appointment to HHS.”

News Outlet: Live Action News

D-Day 2017: ‘Sing a Little Louder?’

Human Coalition – Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Development, Kurt Kondrich, writes about our duty to defend the most defenseless Americans in our midst: preborn children.

Brian Fisher Interviewed by The H.U.B. of New Mexico

Hosts Monte Harms and Laura Rosecrans interview Human Coalition President Brian Fisher on our work to end abortion and serve the most under-served people groups in the United States.

News Outlet: The H.U.B. of NM

Brian Fisher Interviewed on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly host Catherin Szeltner interviewed Brian Fisher for the June 2, 2017 episode of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly. Brian discusses how abortion-seeking women are an unreached and underserved people group, and explains how Human Coalition is working to reach and compassionately serve these women and their children.

Human Coalition Featured on The 700 Club

A segment about Human Coalition, featuring Paul Strand’s interview with Brian Fisher, is featured on The 700 Club’s Memorial Day episode. The segment begins at minute 4:50.

News Outlet: CBN

This Tech-Savvy Pro-Life Group Has The Abortion Community Rattled, and For Good Reason

The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo interviews Human Coalition Associate General Counsel Colin LeCroy. LeCroy discusses what makes Human Coalition unique, why that puts the abortion lobby ill at ease, and how finding Human Coalition made him believe that Americans really can end abortion in our lifetime.

News Outlet: The Daily Wire

The ACLU Targets Human Coalition

The blog of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) ran a post criticizing Lori Szala’s New York Times argument that economic circumstances do not necessitate abortion. The backlash from the ACLU echoes dozens of similar articles and hit pieces taking issue with Human Coalition’s pro-life strategy.

News Outlet: The ACLU

LISTEN: Brian Fisher on The Federalist Podcast

Brian Fisher joins The Federalist’s Bre Payton to discuss media backlash against Human Coalition, the role of men in ending abortion, and much more.

How To Counter The Economic Argument For Abortion

At Christianity Today, Kelly Rosati highlights the New York Times op-ed by Human Coalition National Director of Client Services, Lori Szala, contributing to the discussion about abortion’s relationship to economics.

News Outlet: Christianity Today

‘Media Matters’ Attacks Human Coalition in Six-Page Hit Piece

On Wednesday, May 10, Media Matters released an extensive hit piece on Human Coalition. Media Matters is a self-described “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” In other words, Media Matters’ objective is to seek and destroy the pro-life message in the mainstream media. Being targeted by Media Matters is evidence that Human Coalition represents a threat to the radical pro-abortion agenda.

The Church Can Solve the Adoption Problem

Human Coalition’s National Director of Church Outreach, Rev. Sean Martin, explains how the American church is poised to immediately solve the nation’s adoption problem. Rev. Martin is the father of 11 children, 9 of whom are adopted and have special needs.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

The Problem With Linking Abortion And Economics

Human Coalition’s National Director of Client Services, Lori Szala, discusses her own teen pregnancy and what she’s learned about how to really help women in crisis.

News Outlet: The New York Times

For Me, Being Pregnant Could Be a Matter of Life or Death

A story from Human Coalition – Pittsburgh demonstrates the power of community resources for women and families considering abortion. Sometimes, something as simple as an ultrasound can ultimately save a life.

News Outlet: Save The Storks

Pro-Life Ministry: Seeing the Unseen

The Biblical Recorder’s Seth Brown interviews Kelly, a woman who chose life after visiting Human Coalition in Raleigh.

Flying Cars and the Reason for Our Existence

Human Coalition is “taking the love of Christ to those who need him most,” says Dr. Jim Denison.


News Outlet: Denison Forum

Love: The Christian Answer to Abortion

Human Coalition’s Director of Church Outreach, Rev. Sean Martin, discusses the simple call of Christians to love, and how that call answers the problem of abortion.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

Dallas Morning News: Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor about anti-life initiatives at Southern Methodist University by Human Coalition’s Meg McCrory, an SMU alumna, was published by the Dallas Morning News.

News Outlet: Dallas Morning News

Pro-Lifers See Hope in Gorsuch

One News Now interviews Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Rev. Dean Nelson. Rev. Nelson shares his thoughts on what we can expect from pro-life Justice Neil Gorsuch.

News Outlet: One News Now

Senate Confirms Trump Nominee Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court

Human Coalition president Brian Fisher quoted by Live Action News on the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch:

“We look to our newest Justice with confidence that he will uphold the Right to Life of the most vulnerable Americans: preborn children and their mothers, and we thank the Senators who remained steadfast in the face of extreme partisan opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation.”

News Outlet: Live Action News

Missions Radio Interview with Brian Fisher of Human Coalition

Kenneth Mitchell, founder of Missions Radio, interviews Human Coalition President and Co-Founder Brian Fisher on the Missions Radio podcast.

News Outlet: Missions Radio

Want To Stop Planned Parenthood? Do These 10 Things

Human Coalition is part of the solution to stopping and replacing Planned Parenthood.

News Outlet: Live Action News

They’re Unreached by All But the Abortion Industry, But This Group Is Changing That

Paul Strand of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) interviews Human Coalition President Brian Fisher.

News Outlet: CBN

5 Ways Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers And Clinics Can Save More Babies From Abortion

Christian Post reporter Samuel Smith writes about Human Coalition’s work to rescue children and families from abortion.

News Outlet: Christian Post

Does Gorsuch’s Respect For Precedent Mean He Will Never Strike Roe?

Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, explores Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s comments on judicial precedent and considers whether pro-life Americans should worry that the Trump nominee will fail when the opportunity to defend life arises.

News Outlet: The Federalist

Dr. Willie Parker’s Christian Rationale For Abortion Is Flawed

Human Coalition Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, responds to an abortionist’s claim that committing abortions is aligned with Christian values.

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Rescuing Mothers And Children From Abortion Using Cutting-Edge Technology And Data

Human Coalition’s President and Co-Founder, Brian Fisher, lectured at FRC University on the importance of technology and data in serving abortion-seeking women.

Pro-Life Group Embraces Big Data To Connect With Women Who Are Seeking Abortions

The Washington Times’ Bradford Richardson discusses Human Coalition’s cutting-edge use of data and technology in serving abortion-vulnerable women and rescuing preborn children.

Rev. Dean Nelson Interviewed on EWTN

National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, discusses Human Coalition’s online strategy on EWTN News Nightly.

News Outlet: EWTN News

In Defense of Those Pro-Life Curmudgeons

Colin Lecroy, Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, responds to common stereotypes and misconceptions about pro-life advocates.

News Outlet: Townhall

Parents of Down Syndrome Girl Tell UN That the Family Protects Kids

Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition of Pittsburgh, Kurt Kondrich, had the opportunity to speak to the United Nations in New York City earlier this month. Kondrich encouraged delegates and attendees to work toward the protection of all human life.

News Outlet: C-Fam

Jeff Bradford on Spirit Led Men

Human Coalition’s Vice President of Strategy and Development, Jeff Bradford, was interviewed on the Spirit Led Men podcast. Jeff discusses his own testimony, the work of Human Coalition, and the role of Christian men in the workplace. Listen and read at the link below.

News Outlet: Spirit Led Men

Pro-Life Message To Be Delivered At The United Nations

Human Coalition of Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Development, Kurt Kondrich, will speak at the United Nations later this month. Kurt is a longtime, vocal advocate for the rights of the preborn and individuals with Down syndrome.

News Outlet: Pittsburgh Catholic

How the New Feminist Resistance Leaves Out American Women

Human Coalition’s Public Relations Manager, Lauren Enriquez, discusses feminists’ attempts to exclude anti-abortion women from public dialogue.

News Outlet: The New York Times

Brian Fisher Interviewed On theDove

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher shares his thoughts on preborn Americans and how American churches must engage the culture on abortion.

News Outlet: theDove

Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Speak for Me: Pro-Life Voices Drowned Out

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez takes media to task for ignoring the voices of women who oppose abortion.

News Outlet: Bold

Will The Pro-Life Movement Be A Victim Of Its Own Success?

Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, and Research and Optimization Lead, Az Rahlouni, discuss the future of the pro-life movement.

News Outlet: The Hill

Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses how abortion exploits women and holds men to low standards of masculinity and integrity.

If The Left Wants To Embrace Refugees, How Can They Defend Hostility Towards Those Yet To Be Born?

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses the hypocrisy of supporting foreign refugees while at the same time upholding the so-called right to kill preborn children.

Human Coalition Board Member: Without Right to Life, Nothing Else Matters

Human Coalition board member Catherine Davis tells The Washington Post why she is hopeful that the new Administration will take steps to “stop Planned Parenthood from targeting black women.”

News Outlet: The Washington Post

Bishop Vincent Mathews of COGIC at Pro-Life Con

Bishop Mathews discusses the pro-life motives behind the 3-year partnership between Human Coalition and the Church of God in Christ at the Family Research Council’s Pro-Life Con.

Human Coalition Is Recreating The Culture Of Life

Red State’s Robert Cross interviews Lauren Enriquez, Public Relations Manager at Human Coalition, about how the organization is changing culture for life.

News Outlet: Red State

Benjamin Watson: You Can Change The Course Of Generations

Super Bowl champion, author, and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson addressed March for Life crowds about the integral role of men in ending abortion. Watson has worked closely with Human Coalition to engage men in the battle for life.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Trump On Their Side, Conservatives See Hope In Lengthy Abortion Fight

Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, was quoted by The New York Times, saying: “The Trump administration presents us with a new opportunity: For the first time, really, we are able to interface with the federal government to achieve our goals. […] We are cautiously optimistic.”

News Outlet: The New York Times

Meet The Pro-Life Group Cracking Planned Parenthood’s Favorite Market

The Gospel Coalition provides an exclusive, unprecedented look behind the scenes of Human Coalition’s abortion-ending strategy.

Who Cares More? Pro-Lifers or Pro-Choicers?

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez examines the major “intensity gap” between pro-life advocates and abortion supporters.

News Outlet: The Stream

A Coming Post-Roe Apocalypse?

Human Coalition’s Colin LeCroy deconstructs the abortion industry’s myth that overturning Roe v. Wade would result in an epidemic of back-alley abortions.

News Outlet: Townhall

Men: Want To Be Pro-Women? Be Pro-Life.

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez challenges men to defend and support women by rejecting abortion culture.

News Outlet: Bold

The World Is Watching On The Issue Of ‘Life’

OneNewsNow interviews Human Coalition President Brian Fisher on America’s role in ending abortion. Fisher stated:
“Certainly as the flagship superpower of the world, our country’s perspective on the weakest and innocent members of our society, those not yet born, certainly resonates around the world.”

News Outlet: OneNewsNow

Abortion: Not Just A Woman’s Issue

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher explains why men should be involved in ending abortion.

News Outlet: OneNewsNow

How Pregnancy Resource Centers Respond To Sex Trafficking Victims

Live Action investigates Planned Parenthood’s systematic betrayal of sex trafficking victims, Human Coalition’s Regional Clinic Director Lori Szala weighs in on how pro-life women’s clinics respond when abuse is suspected.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Church Silence on Abortion: Deafening and Deadly

Op-ed by Human Coalition’s Senior Director of Church Outreach, Sean Martin, on crucial importance of church engagement in ending abortion.

News Outlet: The Christian Post

NFL’s Ben Watson: Time for Men to Stand Up for Women. Against Abortion…

Popular conservative talk show highlights efforts to engage men in pro-life efforts.

News Outlet: Louder with Crowder

NFL’s Ben Watson: “Abortion Won’t End Until Men Stand Up” For Women and Children

LifeNews encourages readers to visit Human Coalition’s new resource center at

News Outlet: LifeNews

Human Coalition: Men Exploit Women Through Abortion; It’s Time To Stop This

Live Action’s Danny Burton talks about Human Coalition’s new resources for men.

News Outlet: Live Action News

NFL’s Benjamin Watson: ‘Abortion Will Not End Until Men Stand Up’

Superbowl Champion Benjamin Watson discusses why men must be involved in ending abortion.

News Outlet: The Daily Wire

When Did “Pro-Life” Become a Bad Word

Lauren Enriquez unpacks research sponsored by Human Coalition examining public perceptions of the pro-life label.

News Outlet: Townhall

New Mexico Lawsuit Shows Why Abortion Doesn’t Make Sense

Colin LeCroy, Associate General Counsel of Human Coalition, discusses a mother’s recent lawsuit about the sale of fetal parts, the real-world experiences of our caregivers, and how the community and the church must be cognizant of the seeming incongruity of abortion decisions as they work toward a culture of life.

News Outlet: National Review

Black Americans Comprise 13% of the Population, But 35% of Abortions Kill Black Babies

Human Coalition’s National Church Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, discusses efforts to engage the church and the African-American community in ending abortion.

News Outlet: LifeNews

Why Abortion Clinics Hate Burying Aborted Children

The Federalist: Human Coalition Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, discusses a new regulation in Texas aimed at affording dignity to the remains of aborted children.

News Outlet: The Federalist

The Proven Strategy for Ending Abortion… One City at a Time

At Crux, we discuss the mission of Human Coalition and our work to bring life and hope to children and families in Atlanta.

News Outlet: Crux

Atlanta Pregnancy Center Becomes Part of Human Coalition Family

Live Action News contributor Josh Denton discusses Human Coalition’s new work in the city of Atlanta.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Pro-Life Leader: I’m Pro-Life Because I Once Took the Life of My Child in an Abortion

It was this first-hand experience with abortion which ultimately led Jeff Bradford, the Vice President of Human Coalition, into the pro-life cause.

News Outlet: LifeNews

Brian Fisher a Guest on the Kyle Heimann Show

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, joined Kyle Heimann to discuss how abortion exploits women and what men can do to help end the abuse.

News Outlet: Redeemer Radio

Brian Fisher Featured on the Village Church Podcast

Brian Fisher of Human Coalition joins Matt Chandler and David Roark to talk about the issue of abortion. They look at the progress we are making to end abortion, from stats to stories, and discuss whether or not abortion will become illegal in the United States during our lifetime.

News Outlet: The Village Church

French Council Rejects Ad With Smiling Down Syndrome Children as it Might Disturb Post-Abortive Moms

Human Coalition Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Development, Kurt Kondrich, gives his perspective as a pro-life advocate and the father of a child with Down syndrome.

Anonymous Nurse Reveals Intense Grief in Open Letter to Miscarried and Aborted Babies

Billy Hallowell highlights the story of grief and hope shared by an ultrasound nurse at Human Coalition Raleigh.

News Outlet: Faithwire

Hot Drinks, Warm Conversation: How Building Trust Could Influence the Way We Counsel Abortion-Determined Women

Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition Pittsburgh, explores research conducted by Human Coalition on the psychology of warm priming in his weekly column at Renew America.

News Outlet: Renew America

Ultrasound Nurse Reveals Grief She Carries When Babies Die

An ultrasound nurse at Human Coalition Raleigh writes about her the grief she experiences each time a baby she has “met” via ultrasound dies.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Finding Support Gave This Single Mom Courage to Choose Life for Her Son

Live Action News features the story of Lola, a single mother who was empowered to choose life after receiving support from Human Coalition.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Human Coalition & 8 Great Resources for Pro-Lifers

Christian blog, Glorious Within Her, shares how Human Coalition can help you make a tangible difference in the fight for life.

News Outlet: Glorious Within Her

Time to Keep His ‘Feet to the Fire’: Pro-Life Leaders Vow to Hold Trump to His Promises

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President, Brian Fisher, quoted alongside other pro-life leaders regarding Donald Trump’s promises.

News Outlet: LifeSite News

The Stream – To Overcome Planned Parenthood Juggernaut, Pro-Lifers Must Support Our Cause!

New polling from Human Coalition shows that self-identified pro-lifers do not donate to or engage with pro-life groups as a whole.

News Outlet: The Stream

Human Life Review – Choose this Day Whom You Will Serve

The idea that a father might speak on behalf of his family is anathema in our culture. What right does a man have to speak for his wife, or to indoctrinate his children? Choice really is the word for our culture.

News Outlet: Human Life Review

Untapped fervor: Most Pro-Life Americans Don’t Financially Engage in the Effort to End Abortion

A 2015 survey sponsored by Human Coalition and conducted by Russell Research explored reasons why so few life-affirming people are financially engaged in the effort to end abortion.

News Outlet: Live Action News

How an Adele Song Can Help Predict Whether a Pregnant Woman Will Choose Life

Researchers at Human Coalition worked in partnership with our network of women’s care clinics throughout the country to apply several unique practices and measure the results empirically. The resulting metrics could be directly applied by pro-life pregnancy centers across the country to yield a higher rate of women choosing life for their children (i.e., non-abortion decisions such as parenting and adoption).

News Outlet: Live Action News

Human Coalition and Church of God in Christ Have New Plan to “Make Abortion Unthinkable”

The pro-life group Human Coalition has announced it is joining forces with Pentecostal denomination Church of God in Christ (COGIC) for a three-year project to make “abortion unthinkable and unavailable in America.”

News Outlet: Live Action News

‘Human Coalition’ Announces Name-Change as Mission Expands

Years ago, Human Coalition forged a new approach to pro-life activism when the organization’s founders left high-powered jobs to apply their corporate expertise to a groundbreaking pro-life ministry.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Abortion and Fatherhood– A Man’s Take

In an op-ed at Fox News, Brian Fisher explores how abortion has harmed fatherhood in the decades since Roe v. Wade.

News Outlet: Fox News

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