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Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Speak for Me: Pro-Life Voices Drowned Out

Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez takes media to task for ignoring the voices of women who oppose abortion.

News Outlet: Bold

Will The Pro-Life Movement Be A Victim Of Its Own Success?

Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, and Research and Optimization Lead, Az Rahlouni, discuss the future of the pro-life movement.

News Outlet: The Hill

Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses how abortion exploits women and holds men to low standards of masculinity and integrity.

If The Left Wants To Embrace Refugees, How Can They Defend Hostility Towards Those Yet To Be Born?

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses the hypocrisy of supporting foreign refugees while at the same time upholding the so-called right to kill preborn children.

Human Coalition Board Member: Without Right to Life, Nothing Else Matters

Human Coalition board member Catherine Davis tells The Washington Post why she is hopeful that the new Administration will take steps to “stop Planned Parenthood from targeting black women.”

News Outlet: The Washington Post

Bishop Vincent Mathews of COGIC at Pro-Life Con

Bishop Mathews discusses the pro-life motives behind the 3-year partnership between Human Coalition and the Church of God in Christ at the Family Research Council’s Pro-Life Con.

Human Coalition Is Recreating The Culture Of Life

Red State’s Robert Cross interviews Lauren Enriquez, Public Relations Manager at Human Coalition, about how the organization is changing culture for life.

News Outlet: Red State

Benjamin Watson: You Can Change The Course Of Generations

Super Bowl champion, author, and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson addressed March for Life crowds about the integral role of men in ending abortion. Watson has worked closely with Human Coalition to engage men in the battle for life.

News Outlet: Live Action News

Trump On Their Side, Conservatives See Hope In Lengthy Abortion Fight

Human Coalition’s National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, was quoted by The New York Times, saying: “The Trump administration presents us with a new opportunity: For the first time, really, we are able to interface with the federal government to achieve our goals. […] We are cautiously optimistic.”

News Outlet: The New York Times

Meet The Pro-Life Group Cracking Planned Parenthood’s Favorite Market

The Gospel Coalition provides an exclusive, unprecedented look behind the scenes of Human Coalition’s abortion-ending strategy.

February 21 5:01 pm
It should bother us that our society values the organs of aborted humans, but not the babies who provide them.…
February 21 5:01 pm
Today there were 10 babies saved for a total of 5699 saved to date. Thanks for praying!
February 21 12:00 am
#ProLife speaker: #Abortion leaves scars "I remember feeling a profound sense of loss & sadness"
February 20 9:48 pm