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Does Gorsuch’s Respect For Precedent Mean He Will Never Strike Roe?

Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, explores Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s comments on judicial precedent and considers whether pro-life Americans should worry that the Trump nominee will fail when the opportunity to defend life arises.

News Outlet: The Federalist

Dr. Willie Parker’s Christian Rationale For Abortion Is Flawed

Human Coalition Associate General Counsel, Colin LeCroy, responds to an abortionist’s claim that committing abortions is aligned with Christian values.

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Rescuing Mothers And Children From Abortion Using Cutting-Edge Technology And Data

Human Coalition’s President and Co-Founder, Brian Fisher, lectured at FRC University on the importance of technology and data in serving abortion-seeking women.

Pro-Life Group Embraces Big Data To Connect With Women Who Are Seeking Abortions

The Washington Times’ Bradford Richardson discusses Human Coalition’s cutting-edge use of data and technology in serving abortion-vulnerable women and rescuing preborn children.

Rev. Dean Nelson Interviewed on EWTN

National Outreach Director, Dean Nelson, discusses Human Coalition’s online strategy on EWTN News Nightly.

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In Defense of Those Pro-Life Curmudgeons

Colin Lecroy, Human Coalition’s Associate General Counsel, responds to common stereotypes and misconceptions about pro-life advocates.

News Outlet: Townhall

Parents of Down Syndrome Girl Tell UN That the Family Protects Kids

Senior Director of Development at Human Coalition of Pittsburgh, Kurt Kondrich, had the opportunity to speak to the United Nations in New York City earlier this month. Kondrich encouraged delegates and attendees to work toward the protection of all human life.

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Jeff Bradford on Spirit Led Men

Human Coalition’s Vice President of Strategy and Development, Jeff Bradford, was interviewed on the Spirit Led Men podcast. Jeff discusses his own testimony, the work of Human Coalition, and the role of Christian men in the workplace. Listen and read at the link below.

News Outlet: Spirit Led Men

Pro-Life Message To Be Delivered At The United Nations

Human Coalition of Pittsburgh’s Senior Director of Development, Kurt Kondrich, will speak at the United Nations later this month. Kurt is a longtime, vocal advocate for the rights of the preborn and individuals with Down syndrome.

News Outlet: Pittsburgh Catholic

How the New Feminist Resistance Leaves Out American Women

Human Coalition’s Public Relations Manager, Lauren Enriquez, discusses feminists’ attempts to exclude anti-abortion women from public dialogue.

News Outlet: The New York Times

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