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Untapped fervor: Most Pro-Life Americans Don’t Financially Engage in the Effort to End Abortion

A 2015 survey sponsored by Human Coalition and conducted by Russell Research explored reasons why so few life-affirming people are financially engaged in the effort to end abortion.

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How an Adele Song Can Help Predict Whether a Pregnant Woman Will Choose Life

Researchers at Human Coalition worked in partnership with our network of women’s care clinics throughout the country to apply several unique practices and measure the results empirically. The resulting metrics could be directly applied by pro-life pregnancy centers across the country to yield a higher rate of women choosing life for their children (i.e., non-abortion decisions such as parenting and adoption).

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Human Coalition and Church of God in Christ Have New Plan to “Make Abortion Unthinkable”

The pro-life group Human Coalition has announced it is joining forces with Pentecostal denomination Church of God in Christ (COGIC) for a three-year project to make “abortion unthinkable and unavailable in America.”

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‘Human Coalition’ Announces Name-Change as Mission Expands

Years ago, Human Coalition — now known as Human Coalition — forged a new approach to pro-life activism when the organization’s founders left high-powered jobs to apply their corporate expertise to a groundbreaking pro-life ministry.

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70%+ of women who come to our care clinics are single moms. Usually they're pressured by family and friends to abort
September 30 11:00 pm
Today there were 8 babies saved for a total of 5099 saved to date. Thanks for praying!
September 30 11:00 pm
Baby number 5099 was saved in Dallas, TX. Thanks for praying!
September 30 9:30 pm
Baby number 5098 was saved in Dallas, TX. Thanks for praying!
September 30 8:10 pm