Jessica and I have a dinnertime family tradition with our boys that we call “One Thing.” While we eat, each of us shares either one thing from the day that was particularly meaningful, or something we are thankful for. This special time of the day allows us to pause, reflect, and keep our busy family in the loop with one another.

In recent days, my “one thing” has been focused on what God has done through Human Coalition this year. It’s been a wonderful, lifesaving year, and words cannot express how grateful I am for you. Because of your prayerful and financial support, we’ve had our best year to date at Human Coalition.

Grapevine, TX Pregnancy Center

As you know, Human Coalition works with over 30 life-affirming pregnancy centers across the country. However, last spring we welcomed our first pro-life pregnancy center into the Human Coalition family. With the same strategic thinking and passion that has made HC the fastest-growing and one of the most influential pro-life nonprofits in the country, we are now operating the pregnancy center in Grapevine, Texas, as a division of Human Coalition. Since March 7, when the pregnancy center joined the HC family, we’ve experienced incredible results, including a 120% increase in the number of abortion-determined women reached on a monthly basis, as well as a 61% increase in the number of unborn babies saved each month!

Now that’s something to be thankful for!

Pittsburgh, PA Pregnancy Center

After seeing the incredible success we’d experienced in Grapevine after just four months, HC welcomed another life-affirming pregnancy center to the HC family in August. The pregnancy center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been a wonderful addition to our cooperative work, and we are already seeing a noticeable lift in the percentage of women and men reached, and the number of unborn babies’ lives saved.

Multiply Life

This year also saw the launch of Multiply Life, the church outreach initiative of HC. Through this new division, we are taking our life-affirming message of hope and compassion to churches so that church leaders can be equipped to speak truthfully and boldly on the topic of abortion. So far we’ve had the opportunity to visit with and speak to more than 30 churches and educational establishments nationwide, and we look forward to connecting with many more in the months to come.

36 Life-Affirming Pregnancy Centers Nationwide

HC continues to work with approximately 36 life-affirming pregnancy centers across the country. We use the Internet to help connect abortion-determined women and men with these centers so they have every opportunity to choose Life for their children. Through this unique combination of technology and compassion, HC has helped rescue more than 1,000 babies during 2014 so far, and we’re on our way to helping save 100 more before year’s end.

Keep in mind that the families we work to reach are some of the most unwavering in their decision to abort. In some cases their unborn babies are just weeks — even days away from being aborted. Although these mothers and fathers were abortion-determined, through the grace of God and with your support, they found HC and were encouraged and equipped to choose Life for their children through the work of pro-life pregnancy centers.

HC is one of the few pro-life organizations that have made it their focus to reach women and men who are the most resistant to choosing life. But we believe God has called us to minister to these abortion-determined individuals.

It’s amazing what God has accomplished through HC this year, and I would be remiss to let this Thanksgiving Day pass without giving thanks to God for allowing us to be a part of this lifesaving work. And I give thanks for you because, without you, over 1,000 unborn children would not be alive today.

I believe the tide in our nation is turning as more Americans are coming to realize that abortion is the great social and spiritual injustice of our day. As we gather with friends and family to give thanks, let’s remember those whose very lives depend on our support.

Let’s give thanks for Life, and let’s pray for the coming day when all children — both born and unborn — will be welcomed and protected in this world so they can make their mark.

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